Skills Required to Become a Motion Graphic Designer

If you want to get into the part of tech known as motion Graphic Designer, this article will give you in very good detail, the Skills Required to Become a Motion Graphic Designer. Tech is one of the fields on earth with the highest future outlook. This field is highly coveted by many youths in the world today.

Skills Required to Become a Motion Graphic Designer

Skills and Resources Required to Become a Motion Graphic Designer

Graphic design has always been the first and cheapest path of entry into tech. Most times, people do not need paid formal education to become pros in graphic design after a few months.

The fact is that Graphic design is like a skill that understands very few languages. These languages are the skills to be listed in this article. If you possess the required skills, you are on your way to becoming a pro in Graphic design.

These skills will be listed in the Next part of this article.

The Major Skills Required to Become a Graphic Designer

Motion Graphic design is a more complex type or area of Graphic design to move into. It takes a greater deal of hard work, consistency, focus, technicality, and intelligence to move into this area of Graphic design. You may also need more advanced resources for this.

Now, let’s talk about the skills required;


Although it is very good to jump into trends and to do what other people are doing, people rarely pay for counterfeits.  People need originality. If you want to survive in this field, you must learn to do what other people have not done. This is the best way to carve out a place for yourself.

Have your style, your signature. Although it may take a very long time to develop. This Is where in-depth training becomes useful.

Good Communication Skills

As a Graphic designer, you will work with people a lot.  People with very poor communication skills are very hard to work with. If you want to do well in your motion Graphic business, you must learn effective communication with your clients and colleagues.

Effective communication skills help you to be well-perceived and rarely misunderstood by your clients. Every motion designer needs to be able to articulate their ideas properly without friction or problems.

Good Technical Skills

If you want to learn motion graphics, you must be a very good computer operator. You will often find yourself using computers a lot. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must have the least threshold of computer knowledge.

In fact, as a prerequisite, there are so many programs, systems, and servers a motion designer would work with. You must have fulfilled the primary assignment of mastering all these programs before delving into motion graphics.


Creativity is the key to longevity in the Graphic industry. You will need creativity to help paint a better picture for your client. Sometimes the details given to you may not just be enough to bring out a fantastic piece. It is the ‘extra’ that you put into your work that matters. It is what makes you stand out among other Graphic designers.

Good Command of Colors

An understanding of colors is one very important skill required to become a successful Graphic designer. This applies to all types and areas of Graphic design.

Firstly, people react to colors. This means that you are most likely to get the best of offers and deals if you know how to use colors.

Secondly, colors help you pass your message effectively. With the right message passed to the right audience, failure is never an option. You will achieve more results for your clients and get even more patronage afterward.


This is a very important skill to learn before thinking of going into motion Graphics. You have to know how to combine different types in your artwork. You must understand and follow the basic principles of Graphic design as regards typography.

You have to know what virtual features make up typefaces, how it compliments a design and the easiest for audiences to read. With the knowledge of typography, you can push your motion design to the next level.

Still Designs

You may not be able to do well with motion graphic design if you do not have a very good knowledge base of still graphics. The knowledge of still images is a very good foundation for motion graphics.

You may find yourself working on a project that requires you to work with images that you have created yourself. Your knowledge of still designs will be of great help in this situation.

Traditional Art Skills

The knowledge of traditional arts is very useful in the field of graphic design.  This knowledge will help you put pieces together to communicate the right message to your audience. Sketches can be done much faster on paper than with the usage of the computer system. With the knowledge of arts, you can brainstorm ideas and put them down on paper faster.

An Understanding of Animation

The duty of a motion graphic designer is to bring still images to life through movement. The best way to do this is through animation. Animation is more than just setting up keyframes, you need to have a very strong foundation in the fundamentals of animation and how things should go to get a very appealing work.

3D Design Skills

3D images are now more often used in motion graphics. 3D can be found in logos, and intro of Tv shows. You will need this skillset as a motion graphic designer to meet up with the trends of the industry. There are lots of 3D applications you can choose from. You have to make sure that you are well-grounded with these skills before moving into motion graphics.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Motion Graphic Designers?

Motion graphics designers, sometimes referred to as motion designers, create artwork for the web, television, or film. This includes movie clips, trailers, commercials, title sequences, etc. These people use visual effects, animation, and other cinematic techniques to bring life to their creations.

Is Motion Graphics Difficult?

Contrary to what many people think, motion design requires a lot of hard work. It takes lots of dedication and practice to become a motion-graphics master, but the trick to success here is to stick with it and have the right perspective.

Is Motion Graphics 2D Or 3D?

Motion graphic is a combination of 2D and 3D.

How Do Motion Designers Make Money?

As a motion graphic designer, you can make money working part-time or full-time for companies or working on freelance gifts. Your rewards will depend on your expertise and your experience.

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