Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant 2023 ($2,000 Cash Prize) – APPLY NOW

Stories ignite imagination and idea nurturing. There is no doubt, that they’re human most powerful way of connecting and communicating with each other across the globe. In recognition of this fact, the Save Our Seas Foundation is thrilled to announce the application call for the emerging Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant 2023.

Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant

The grants are led by Thomas Peschak, the foundation’s Director of Storytelling and National Geographic photographer, in collaboration with Jennifer Samuel, Photo Editor at National Geographic, and Kathy Moran, Deputy Director of Photography at National Geographic.

Save Our Seas Foundation is committed to supporting marine conservation and education projects. However, it believes that in other to truly translate knowledge into effective, meaningful change, we must communicate meaningful change through engaging stories. If you have an inspiring or compelling conservation storytelling, this program is your perfect fit.

Eligibility Criteria for Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant 2023

Candidates should take note of the below-stated requirements for participating in the Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant 2023:

  • The grant is specifically designed for photographers who can tell conservation stories about the oceans
  • The call for application, however, is not limited to underwater photography.
  • Applicants are expected to think broadly and write on story topics ranging from the animals to fisheries to the communities whose lives are intertwined with marine life.
  • Applications should have no more than 5 years of professional experience in any photography-related discipline.
  • Of the previous photo grant applicants, over two-thirds were male, and almost 80% were from North America and Europe. Hence, women and applicants from South and Central America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and from underrepresented communities, are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.
  • All submitted Applications will be accepted directly via open call and through nomination.

Benefits of Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant

The benefits of Participating in the  Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant 2023 include:

  • Up to 4 successful grantees will receive a fully-funded assignment to shoot a conservation photo story on location (including day rate and travel), under direct mentorship from the Ocean Storytelling Grant team.
  • The award includes a cash prize $2,000, a day rate for 3–4-week shoot, a year of mentorship, and all logistical costs for the shoot covered.

How to Apply

To apply for Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant 2023, kindly click the application link below: https://saveourseasgrants.smapply.io/acc/l/?next=/prog/163188/apply/

Application Deadline

13 Oct 2023 18:00 (CEST)

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