25 Back to School Art Projects for Kids 2023

Welcome to a creative and exciting school year ahead! As we gear up for another year of learning and growth, we are thrilled to present a collection of 25 captivating Back to School Art Projects that are perfect for kids in 2023.

25 Back to School Art Projects for Kids 2023
25 Back to School Art Projects for Kids 2023

These projects are designed to spark imagination, encourage self-expression, and kickstart the academic year with a burst of creativity. From colorful canvases to innovative crafts, let’s dive into these engaging art activities that will make the return to school an artistic adventure for every young mind. Join us on this journey of artistic exploration and discovery!

Why Art Work is Important

When it comes to education, artwork is really important. Can I tell you why it is important? Because:

  • Art increases test scores across every subject area
  • They lower dropout rates
  • It creates a deeper understanding of diversity, culture, and history
  • They also drive motivation

So, below are fun back-to-school art projects that kids can do. They can as well use them either at home or in the classroom.

25 Back to School Art Projects for Kids 2023

When it comes to art projects, it has different departments for kids, below are some of the departments to look out for:

Name Art Projects For Back To School

There are some new kids’ names to learn when a child starts each school year. Also, they tell their names to other kids too. However, you can show off their personality a little bit and share their name with this artwork.

Back to School Label Sticker for Kids

Each sticker is printed with the phrase “Hello My Name is,” which helps individuals quickly introduce themselves to strangers. Additionally, these stickers are easy to tear off and stick on, leaving no residue.


Haooryx 24 Pack Tree of Hearts Back to School Craft Kit

Kids will love to celebrate the school season by making cute heart tree crafts. They can write their wishes on the heart card and DIY their own card tree to their liking. Then show it to their classmates and express their joy! However, these heart craft kits come with 4 different designs of heart leaves.


Scratch Paper Art Sets

65PCS Rainbow Color Scratch Art Craft Set Super thick scratch paper is not easy to be torn or poke. However, it is a value pack of 50 pieces of rainbow scratch-off paper that can be used to DIY cards, doodles, create cool illustrations, designs, and more!


WATINC 60Pcs Welcome Back to School Scratch Bookmark

This back to school scratch bookmarks are made of thick paper cardboard. The wood sticks are made of wood and the hanging ribbon is made o satin. Furthermore, they are all non-toxic and harmless for kids and adults.


WATINC 60pcs Back to School Scratch Art

There are a lot of school elements, for example, an apple, a bus, a  baa g, a pencil, a globe, and a clock. And 20pcs wood stick, 1 bundle of red ribbon. It is a special gift for kids to DIY their own unique back-to-school scratch card.


Art Set for Kids Rainbow Magic Scratch

The scratch art set comes with 50 sheets of scratch paper and 6 wooden stylus that can meet your needs. you can use the stylus to scratch off to reveal the beautiful rainbow background.


24 Pcs Armor of God Craft Kit

the craft of the armor of God craft kits have cute patterns, the main design is a cute soldier image with shield and sword. However, the vibrant style and bright colors will attract children


Tegeme 48 Pcs Summer Picture Photo Frame Craft

The nautical picture frame for summer craft kits is made of paper cardboard, sturdy, and safe for kids. Also, great fun for classroom activities.


Arts and Crafts for Kids Ages 8-12

Engage young minds with creative expression through hands-on Arts and Crafts suitable for children aged 8-12.

Zelssi Arts & Crafts Vault

There is no limitation to the imagination level of kids’ imagination, but using kids’ art supplies creates a way to the endless imagination of the kids. This art kit for kids allows children in creating their colorful handmade works.


Cool Crafts for Girls Ages 6-8 & Arts and Crafts

This jewelry box craft kit comes in attractive ready-to-gift packaging for your kids. However, it is an amazing art and craft work for your back-to-school.


Awesome DIY craft kits For Girls

Greatly improve kids’ creativity and fine motor skills. Perfect craft kits for age 8-10 years old girls. Also, it has a great assortment of colors, different patterns, and lots of cute decorative flowers and beads.


Kids Arts and Crafts Bird Feeders for Outside

The bird feeder craft painting kit can not only teach children to know animals and nature.  But also help recognize color, improve hand-eye coordination, focus the mind, and have calming effects on the brain and body.


Paint Your Own Moon Lamp Kit

Super value of coloring craft and art set with double fun. After finishing this arts and crafts for kids, the colorful moon lamp is an ambient source of night light as a decorative light, child lamp, and night light.


DIY Wood Craft Kit

This arts and crafts kit includes all the materials to build and customize 3 working cars. Also, the easy-to-assemble design means you don’t have to worry about the hassle of tools or time.


Crafts for Kids Ages 4-8

This is easy to build and paint, and fun crafts you can make with your kids. However, its packaging includes 2 unassembled birdhouses, 2 wind chimes, 12 paints, 3 brushes, and 4 strings.


Other Art Project Work to Shop on for Your Kids

  • DIY Wood Craft Kit, Easy To Assemble and 3 Race – SHOP NOW
  • Paint Your Own Wooden Kids Heart Treasure Box Kit – SHOP NOW
  • Wooden Arts and Crafts for Kids Girls Boys – SHOP NOW
  • Paint Your Own Wooden Kids Heart Treasure Box Kit – SHOP NOW
  • Art Craft Gift for Kids – 12 – SHOP NOW
  • Kids Arts and Crafts Bird Feeders for Outside –SHOP NOW
  • Fennoral 4 Pack Bird Feeder Kits for Kids – SHOP NOW
  • Crafts for Kids Ages 4-8 – SHOP NOW
  • JOYIN Wooden Magnets, – SHOP NOW


Engage and inspire young artists with these 25 creative Back to School art projects designed to spark imagination and learning in 2023.



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