Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant 2023 (Cash Prize of $2000) – APPLY NOW

Stories have a way of creating Imagination and idea nurturing. No doubt, we tend to communicate and connect via storytelling. In recognizing the Importance of Storytelling, the Save Our Sea Foundation is thrilled to announce the upcoming Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant 2023.

Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant 2023
Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant 2023

This organization has a long history of sponsoring marine conservation and education projects, but they believe that to truly transfer knowledge into effective, meaningful change, they need good communication through compelling storytelling.

An inspiring or captivating tale can elicit positive action in ways that facts alone cannot. These grants continue the foundation’s earlier Marine Conservation Photography grants by identifying and supporting a new and diverse generation of conservation storytellers.

A Brief History of Save Our Sea Foundation

Save Our Seas Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to the preservation of the world’s oceans, established itself in Geneva, Switzerland on September 23, 2003. The Save Our Seas Foundation supports cutting-edge research, conservation, and education projects globally, with a focus on iconic threatened creatures (endangered sharks, rays, and skates) and their ecosystems.

The Save Our Seas Foundation has supported more than 480 projects in 91 nations since its founding in 2003 and has remained up to date on ongoing research and conservation initiatives that concentrate on elasmobranchs. The projects, each in its manner, work toward greater comprehension and, consequently, better solutions in the fields of marine scientific research, conservation, and teaching.

Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant – Summary

  • Program: Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant
  • Organization: Save Our Sea Foundation
  • Award: 2000 USD
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: October 13, 2023

Benefits of Ocean Story Photography Grant

  • The award consists of a 2,000 USD cash prize,
  • It involves a day rate for a 3-4 weeks shoot, with a year of mentorship
  • All logistical expenditures for the shoot will be covered by the foundation.
  • It will provide grantees, the opportunity to explore and gain new ideas.

Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant- Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility criteria to meet:

  • Applications are accepted through open calls and nomination
  • Mandatory completion of a written questionnaire for all applicants
  • Opportunity open to both men and women
  • Submitted photographs solely used for judging purposes
  • The Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant is open only to emerging photographers, which means applicants must have no more than five years of professional experience in any photography-related discipline.
  • Employees of the sSave Our Sea Foundation and those assigned to lead the Oceanic Storytelling Foundation grant,  are not eligible to apply for this grant.
  • The opportunity provided by this foundation is open to all backgrounds from all over the world

How To Apply For The Grant

Are you eligible for this opportunity? If so, navigate through the application link to commence your application. https://saveourseasgrants.smapply.io/acc/l/?next=/prog/163188/apply/

For further information on this opportunity, visit https://saveourseasgrants.smapply.io/prog/ocean_storytelling_photography_grant/

Application  Deadline

October 13, 2023



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