Highest Paying Sales Jobs without a Degree

In this blog post, you will discover the highest paying sales jobs without a degree. If you want to work in the sales field but you don’t have a degree, you still have the opportunity of doing so. There are many sales opportunities you can pursue without a degree.Highest Paying Sales Jobs without a Degree

With the right skills, you can land one of the best-paying sales jobs even if you don’t have a degree. Although, some employers may give you the option of advancing your education with a degree after working for them for some time. In this article, you will get to know some high-paying sales jobs.

Highest Paying Sales Jobs without a Degree

If you desire to get a sales job without a degree, there are some certifications you can get to make you more qualified.  You can attend specialized training programs and events to improve your sales knowledge and skill set.

Also, you can get a professional sales certification. Some employers hire employees at the entry-level and then sponsor them for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree after some time.

Highest Paying Sales Job 2022

Many employers require that you have a degree but you can still get a well-paying sales job with a high school diploma or GED and a few skill sets. But a standard degree is not enough for this job, so if you have the required skills, you can still get qualified for them.

There are so many sales jobs that are satisfying. They come with impressive salaries and benefits too. Below are some well-paying sales jobs in 2022.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are also known as Real Estate brokers. These professionals are responsible for helping clients buy, lease or sell homes and properties.

They help clients negotiate prices, understand how the market operates and guide them through their transactions. Real estate agents have a high earning potential and also a flexible work schedule.

Lease Agent

One of the well-paying sales jobs you can get is the job of a leasing agent. These agents work with property owners to lease their properties to potential clients. Their role is to market available properties, and screen prospective tenants to make sure they are qualified to get the property. You are also to work with tenants to attend to their complaints and resolve them.

Customer Service Representative

You can get an entry-level customer service representative job. A customer service representative attends to customers in a company.

These professionals assist customers with questions, comments, and complaints. You are also required to inform customers about the features of a company’s product and its benefits.

As a customer service representative, you are the closest to the customers in a company. You will also keep a record of customer interactions and transactions.

Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is responsible for handling the financial portfolio of the closest to several clients to ensure they are buying the right policy plan.

Other roles include calculating dividends, creating payment methods, building collaborative relationships with clients, and lots more. You are to build a good relationship with your clients to help them get the best insurance services.

Store Manager

This is one of the Highest Paying Sales Jobs without a Degree.Also known as retail managers, these individuals are to supervise the daily operation of a store. This is to ensure the store runs smoothly and safely. To achieve this, you are in charge of hiring and training a new sales team and cashier.

You are also to manage inventory levels and motivate others in the sales team to set and smash sales goals. Lastly, you are to ensure the store stays compliant with safety and health standards.

Advertising Sales Agent

Another entry-level sales job you can get is the job of an Advertising sales agent. These individuals sell advertising spaces or airtime for broadcasting networks.

These agents can also work for newspapers, magazines, and trade journals. You are also to research the price of competitors and offer an estimate of your company’s services to customers. This is one of the Highest Paying Sales Jobs without a Degree.

Skills Required for a Sales Job

There are certain skills employers look for when they want to hire an applicant with no degree. If you have these skills, you can land a well-paying sales job even without a degree. These skills are easy to learn and they can be practiced independently.


To do well in any sales job, you need excellent communication skills. This skill is a foundation for building a good relationship with your clients. This communication skill includes writing and presentation abilities. It is needed when you are interacting with clients over social media, email, video conference, or in person.

Active Listening

There is no proper conjunction without active listening. As a salesperson, you need good listening skills to connect well with clients. Active listening involves you staying with your clients and understanding what the buyer is saying.

Objection Handling

As a salesperson, one of the skills you must have been objection handling. You need to learn how to handle, objections to help you close sales. When you poorly manage objections, you can lose your clients. This is one of the essential skills you should have.


Storytelling is a good component for you to communicate with your audience. Storytelling is a skill you must have if you want to do well as a salesperson. Your story must be clear, concise, engaging, and also real.

Storytelling helps your company stand out in the midst of competitors. Also, it helps you appeal to the emotions of buyers and encourage them to take an action. This is a must-have skill for anybody that wants to do well in marketing.


As a salesperson, you should have the ability to research and find out more about your buyer. You should be able to identify the needs of your buyers and follow them up accordingly.

If you have a prospect, you should have an understanding of their business, challenges, and their current priorities. You should be able to discover the problem of your client and provide your service or product as a solution to them.


What are the Four Basic Skills of a Sales Person?

There are so many skills you must have as a salesperson. However, the four fundamental skills you must have include communication skills, public speaking skills, and negotiating and objection-handling skills.

Who is a Sales Person?

A salesperson is an individual that sells products or services to people. These products and services usually belong to a company or another individual. The salesperson acts as a middleman between the owner of the product and the salesperson.

What does a Sales Representative Do?

The role of a salesperson is straightforward. Your role is to sell products and services to customers and also represent your company’s brand. Also, you are to generate leads, negotiate with them and use a lot of techniques to persuade them.

What Skills Do I Need to Have as an Inside Sales Representative?

To do well as an inside sales representative, you need to be a good communicator and relate well with prospects. Also, you have to do your product research, know your customers and learn how to close sales.

What Skills Do I Need to Do Well as a Sales Manager?

The first skill you need to have a sales manager is leadership skills. You also need to have the ability to train, coach and mentor people. Setting sales plan, and implementing them is also a skill you must have.



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