Nottingham Research Fellowship Program 2024 in UK – Fully Funded

Are you envisioning a research journey in the UK? The Nottingham Research Fellowship Program 2024 presents an exceptional opportunity to turn your aspirations into reality. In a time marked by economic uncertainty, where shouldering the expenses of international research seems daunting, a remarkable change has emerged.

Nottingham Research Fellowship Program

This research fellowship is an inclusive platform, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and career paths to join the extensive educational research network. Your insights can catalyze transformations both in the UK and on a global scale. This experience will be a valuable asset to your professional journey, enriched by research conducted under esteemed standards.

Intrigued by the idea of international research exposure? This program offers a comprehensive range of research areas across various disciplines within the University. If you hold a Ph.D., this could be the breakthrough you’re seeking for your future research endeavors. Furthermore, the fellowship accommodates early researchers with part-time commitments, extending flexibility without compromising on quality.

Nottingham Research Fellowship

The Nottingham Research and Anne McLaren Fellowships emphasize inclusivity and intellectual excellence. This platform aims to create a community of bright minds in the UK. Exceptional performance during the fellowship’s term can lead to permanent academic positions.

Your evaluation will consider work quality, potential, career trajectory, and your history of impeccable research. If you hold national and international honors, possess high-quality publications, exhibit leadership, and have the charisma to inspire, seize this chance to make a lasting impact.

About the University of Nottingham

Situated in the UK, the University of Nottingham offers a fully-funded research fellowship in 2024. This institution envisions boundaryless education, attracting ambitious, creative, and impact-driven individuals. With campuses that make a difference worldwide, the university seeks to gather brilliant minds, fostering collaborative learning and discovery to address and mitigate societal challenges.

Benefits of the Nottingham Research Fellowship Program

  • Participating in this Fellowship will provide a platform for you to go into advanced research.
  • Enhance your profile significantly.
  • Secure three years of independent research funding, ranging from £43,155 to £54,421.
  • Access the possibility of an academic post based on performance.
  • Receive research funding of up to Euro 75,000.
  • Cover childcare expenses, up to Euro 15,000.
  • Tap into mentoring, an expanded network, and enriched career development.

Eligible Fellowship Program

To be eligible for the Nottingham Research Fellowship Program 2024 in the UK:

  • Hold a Ph.D. degree or its equivalent.
  • Represent any discipline across the university.
  • Possess fewer than 8 years of post-doctoral work experience.
  • Demonstrate a commendable research record in your field.
  • Showcase high-quality publications, research funding, and awards.
  • Display a strong reputation at both national and international levels.
  • Exhibit leadership skills and the ability to inspire others within a team.
  • Act as an ambassador in your area of research.

Applying for the Nottingham Research Fellowship Program 2024

The steps below will help you navigate the application process:

Application Deadline

October 6, 2023.

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