Nothing Phone 2 Finally Has a Launch Date

Nothing Phone 2 finally has a launch date after many months of teasing. The company by Carl Pei will now release its second-ever device almost a year after the launch of the very first one.

Nothing Phone 2 Launch Date

Nothing Phone 2 Launch Date

We knew that the Nothing Phone 2 would be arriving in the coming month, and we now have a precise date of July 11th, which is a day shy of the Phone 1’s first birthday. The device in question will include a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset as well as a bigger battery, and it will be launching in the US this time. We know all of these details because Nothing has said so in a couple of spec teasers, which is a tactic that founder Carl Pei loved to employ at the previous company he helped found: OnePlus.

And based on a teaser image accompanying the news of today, the Phone 2 looks very much like it will continue to offer the “glyph” notification lights that are featured on the back of the Phone 1. On that very device in question, they are partly a style flourish and partly practical since they can easily indicate different types of incoming notifications simply by flashing in different patterns. And just underneath the blinky lights, the Phone 1 was a really good midrange phone that only sort of launched in the US.

Changes with the Nothing Phone 2

That’s all however set to change with the Phone 2, which Pei states will launch here in the latter parts of this year. And when it does, Nothing will have its work cut out for it. The US Android market as you should know is widely dominated by Samsung, thus leaving Google, Motorola, and everyone else to fight over the scraps. And although the Phone 2 will look very much undeniably different, well, at least from the back which as you should know could also serve as an advantage if it gets to wind up on carriers’ retail shelves next to Galaxy and Pixel phones.

How Nothing Phone Fares with the Competition

Still, it is going to need much more than just a light show in a bid to compete with those established players in the industry, and we will get to find out on July 11th as to exactly what the Phone 2 will be bringing to the table. And if it is that you want to watch along at home, then you can tune in at 11AM ET on to see things for yourself.



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