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Want to know the breakfast hours of Carl‘s Jr in 2022, then read this article to the end. you will get more information about the company and even some frequently asked questions.

Carl‘s Jr Breakfast Hours 2022

Carl‘s Jr Breakfast Hours 2022

Carl‘s junior is a fast food restaurant chain that is spread all over the United States. It is owned and operated by CKE restaurant holdings. The company has its Franchise in different countries like Canada, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, and so on. This fast-food company was founded in 1941 by Carl Karcheer, and it has its headquarters in Franklin Tennessee currently.

Carl‘s Jr is located in more than 1490 locations worldwide with its chains of restaurants with very delicious meals. This company is very popular for its Chicken, French fries, and delicious Hamburgers. The brand can be found in countries like Mexico, India, Canada, and some other countries.

Carl‘s Jr Breakfast Hours

Carl‘s Jr Breakfast Hours are from 6 am to 10:30 am. All the chains of this restaurant normally open at 6 am sharp. The chains follow the same time interval and they start serving their customers at the same time. At Carl‘s Jr breakfast, you get different types of food items for a limited time. After that, the menu will be switched to the Carl‘s Jr Lunch Menu.

Carl’s jr Breakfast Menu

carl’s jr menu is well loaded with food items like biscuits, bacon, eggs, sausages, and other foods that customers will surely enjoy. This menu is packed up with some very delicious food items. Here is a list of them below

  • Biscuits that were made from scratch
  • Biscuits Ngravy
  • Hash rounds
  • Bacon, Egg and cheese biscuits
    Bacon Egg burrito
  • Sausage and cheese biscuits
  • Steak and eggs burrito
  • Bacon and egg burrito
  • Ham Grilled cheese breakfast sandwich
  • Bacon Grilled cheese breakfast sandwich
  • Big country breakfast burrito
  • Breakfast burger double
  • Monster biscuits
  • Loaded breakfast burrito
  • Tried and true blend with new
  • Breakfast burger double

These are some of the food items you will find in Carl‘s Junior Breakfast menu.

Carl‘s Jr Working Hours

The average active hours of this restaurant is 12 to 15 hours. The conditions here vary according to the location of certain chains. In some areas, the working hours are even up to 17 hours. The outlets are open 24 hours but the providers will only provide services during the active hours to their customers.

Carl‘s Jr Lunch Hours

The lunch hours time of this company starts at 10:30 am. At this time, the breakfast menu is switched to the launch menu. Customers can now enjoy their meals from the lunch menu all day as it has no time limits or time restrictions. The lunch menu has all the traditional dishes, and the customers are free to order them after 10:30.

Carl‘s Jr Open Time

The company opens at exactly 6 am in the morning. At that time, the Carl‘s Jr breakfast is made available to all their customers. This may not be the same for all the outlets all over the world because of the zone or the area in which they are located. Generally, most of the branches open at 6 am in the morning to serve the customers all day long.

Carl‘s Jr Closing Time

The official closing time for Carl‘s Jr is 10 pm. Although different locations of this company have different closing times, most of them are shut down by 10 pm. After closing times are offered to the customers until the next day.

Carl’s jr Near me              

Do you find it difficult to locate the closest Carl‘s Jr branch or outlet? things have been simplified by the company. To locate the closest branch or outlet to your location, follow the steps below;

  • With your phone browser, enter the URL
  • When you get to the home page, click on the link that says ‘find my Carl‘s Jr‘ at the top part of the page.
  • When you do that, you will be led to another page with a box. In the box, enter your ZIP code, or the name of your City or State.
  • After doing that, click ok

The outlets close to your location will be revealed after you do that.

Frequently asked Questions

These are questions that you may likely ask after reading this article. Keep reading from here to get the full info.

When does Carl‘s Jr Stop Serving Breakfast?

Carl‘s Jr stops serving breakfast at about 10:30 in the morning. after that, the menu is then shifted, and the Carl‘sJrLunch menu will be set to be ordered. No breakfast item will be served after breakfast time in the morning.

Does Carl‘s Junior Serve Breakfast All Day?

of course not, the company does not serve breakfast at all hours of the day because the active breakfast hours are already given and are effective. Also, there are such dishes. Breakfast is only served between 6am to 10:30am. This means that customers can only get breakfast at these times.

At what Time Does Carl‘s Jr Serve its Lunch?

The lunch dishes of Carl‘s Jr are served after 10:30 am to every customer without any form of special treatment. the lunch dishes will be unavailable at any time before 10:30 am. The lunch menu contains all types of food items like sandwiches, burgers, etc.

Can you Get Lunch at Carl‘s Jr All Day?

Yes, you can get Carl‘s Jr lunch menu all day. The outlets open all day, even up till night time so its customers can come in and request their required lunch items. During the daytime, multiple lunch items are served to their customers. The only time that the lunch dishes will not be available is during the morning shift because the breakfast dishes will be served at that time.

Are Carl‘s Jr and Hardee‘s the Same Thing?

Although they are not exactly the same thing, According to Los Angeles Times, Hardee‘s is the East Coast equivalent of Carl‘s Jr. They are two siblings of the same parents, CKE Restaurants. These two have been a very big team since 1997, and they market their chains identically.

Does the Carl‘s Jr Have An App?

Yes, the company has an app that is available for download on google playstore for android users, and iOS users for Apple Users. With this app, you will be able to see the menus and even place orders and have them delivered to you. you can even get some amazing discounts and offers by using the app.

What are the Discounts Given from The Carl‘s Jr App?

Carl‘s Jr offers its customers the opportunity to get free food by ordering from Carl‘s mobile app. With the application, you can earn 10 stars for every $1 spent, and cash them out to get your favorite dishes for free. Members also get exclusive access to other great offers, promotions, and other fun surprises like free hand-breaded chicken sandwiches, famous star, or Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

What is the Biggest Burger At Carl‘s Jr?

It is called the really Big Carl, it features three charbroiled beef patties, three pieces of American cheese, iceberg lettuce, and classic sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun. This dish is basically an extra patty and an extra slice of cheese versus the Big Carl.


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