Nintendo Last of Us Clone Taken Down After Sony’s Copyright Claim

Nintendo Last of Us clone was taken down from the eShop after Sony’s copyright claim. For those persons that are still looking for the game with no success, they should know now that the game has now been taken down from the platform.

Nintendo Last of Us Clone

Nintendo Last of Us Clone

A clone of The Last of Us has now been removed from the eShop of Nintendo after a copyright claim was issued by Sony.

You can no longer purchase The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival on the Nintendo eShop or even get to play it on the Nintendo Switch. And while the reason for this very removal is still very much up in the air, it just may have something to do with the apparent copyright claim that has been levied against the undead title by Sony due to its resemblance and likeness to The Last of Us.

Trailers for the game have also already been taken down, and if it is that you try to access the title on the Nintendo eShop store page, you will just be greeted by a 404 message and then an image of Peppy Hare from Star Fox. Alternatively, searching for The Last Hope on the eShop, the only game that will get to turn up is Mario and Rabbid’s Sparks of Hope.

News for Those Who Have Bought and Are Yet To Buy the Game

However, if it is that you have bought and downloaded The Last Hope prior to this, then you have nothing to worry about as it will still be playable. Luckily, if it is that you got to miss the boat for purchasing the undead game, fear not; you really do not seem to be missing out on much.

Digital Foundry’s Review of the Game

Digital Foundry took a look at the game just last July, and unfortunately, the game apparently was an absolute disaster. So it just may be for the best that it has now been taken off the eShop.

“The Last Hope is designed to take your money. There is no game here – this is effectively a scam. We all knew this from the trailer, but the fact that the actual game is so much less than even that awful trailer is genuinely shocking”.

“It’s disappointing that Nintendo even allows such a product onto their shop. When you see something like this, it really pulls back the curtain on the depravity festering within certain corners of the industry.”

What Sony and Nintendo Has To Say About the Development

That being said, we have reached out to Sony and Nintendo for comment and will update the story if we finally get to hear back from them.



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