The iPhone 15 Reportedly Hits a Major Milestone

The iPhone 15 reportedly hits a major milestone on the journey to its release. And what is this major milestone, one may ask? Well, for now, you just have to keep your fingers crossed as September is just a couple of months away and we can almost even taste it.

The iPhone 15 Major Milestone

The iPhone 15 Major Milestone

Apple is now reportedly preparing the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro lines for launch, as a new report now claims that their displays are moving into mass production. The company is already expected to launch all four of its new iPhones in the month of September, alongside the Apple Watch Series 9 and even potentially a new iPad mini.

The report in question comes from The Elec, a South Korean publication, thus citing sources that are close to suppliers. And according to the publication, Apple has already signed off on Product Validation Tests (PVT) which is the final stage just before products are mass-produced – for the iPhone 15 line. The company as you should know is now testing these with Samsung Display, which is one of its three display partners. The other partners as you should know include LG and BOE. LG however is reportedly on the cusp of preparing mass production, pending some very small changes, whereas BOE on the other hand is having production problems centered on the Dynamic Island. BOE is however not expected to meet up with the launch timeline of the iPhone 15 series.

Apple Dynamic Island

Apple as you should know introduced the Dynamic Island with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, in the previous year and the company right about now is expected to roll it out to all four iPhones 15 entries in the later parts of this year. Another problem that Apple is reportedly experiencing is with the periscope lens that is rumored to be gracing the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The company however is reportedly experiencing a lower yield rate than what is expected. It is still not clear as to how this may affect the larger iPhone at this time, however.

Reported Improvements of the Next iPhone

The next iPhone as you should know is predicted to be a really decent improvement over the current iPhone 14 line, with upgrades effectively hitting all areas of the phone. Rumors in question include the standard iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus’ main camera all getting a new 48-megapixel sensor (but however not the exact same one as the iPhone 14 Pro Max), the Dynamic Island (just as we already mentioned above), alongside a new periscope lens for the iPhone 15 Pro Max to give it very much similar zoom capabilities to the best Android phones. Thinner bezels are also reportedly on the menu, just so you know, thus meaning that we could get either more screens or even a smaller chassis.

The New Rumored Costs of the iPhone 15 Lineup

All of these changes in question as mentioned above will be coming at a cost, however, with our iPhone 15 price predictions placing the Pro iPhones at a really substantially higher price than their current iterations. Nothing as you know comes for free, and that seems especially true for iPhones in particular.



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