Nintendo Is Set To Announce Part of Its 2024 Lineup In the Latter Parts of This Week

Nintendo is set to announce part of its 2024 lineup in the latter parts of this week. A Nintendo Direct livestream on Wednesday morning will reportedly show off new Switch games that are coming this year from partners which might just be inclusive of Xbox.

Nintendo Is Set To Announce Its 2024 Lineup

Nintendo Is Set To Announce Its 2024 Lineup

This year’s inaugural Direct is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 9 AM ET, with Nintendo promising a 25-minute presentation showcasing Switch games “coming in the first half of 2024 from our publishing and development partners.”

Anticipation for a Nintendo Direct has been building, especially since both Microsoft and PlayStation have recently unveiled their upcoming release schedules. Historically, Nintendo has favored the first week of February for its Direct presentations.

Tango Gameworks Might Reveal the Switch Debut of Hi-Fi Rush

Among the speculated announcements, there’s a possibility that Tango Gameworks might reveal the Switch debut of Hi-Fi Rush, particularly with Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirming that certain Xbox-exclusive games will be available on other platforms like the Switch and PS5.

In the realm of hopeful but less probable announcements, it’s worth noting that it has been five years since Nintendo first announced the reboot of Metroid Prime 4, which was handed over to Retro Studios, the same studio behind the original Metroid Prime trilogy.

The Journey So Far Since the Initial Announcement of Metroid Prime 4’s Development

While it’s been a lengthy seven-year journey since the initial announcement of Metroid Prime 4’s development, fans are eager for updates. Perhaps this Direct will shed some light on the progress, or Nintendo might be holding off until the unveiling of the rumored Switch 2.

Nintendo’s February Direct Event

Tune in to Nintendo’s February Direct on January 21st at 9 AM ET for all the latest announcements.



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