Nigeria Should Foster Tech Talent Development Beyond Lagos, Says US Official

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States, Bureau of African Affairs, Joy Basu, has urged the Nigerian government to expand its focus beyond Lagos and take deliberate steps to nurture tech talent in all 36 states of the nation.

Nigeria Should Foster Tech Talent Development Beyond Lagos, Says US Official
Nigeria Should Foster Tech Talent Development Beyond Lagos, Says US Official

Nigeria Should Foster Tech Talent Development Beyond Lagos, Says US Official

During her visit to Vibranium Valley Tech City in Lagos, Basu emphasized that a significant portion of innovation and venture capital investments is centered in Lagos, even though talent is distributed throughout the country.

She pointed out that in order for the country to fully unlock its considerable talent potential, every state should strive to cultivate talent and innovators at the same level as Lagos.

Boosting Talent Development

Recognizing that Nigeria possesses untapped talents throughout the nation, which remain undeveloped due to the concentration of innovation hubs in Lagos, Basu stated:

As the US government, we are open to collaborating with Nigeria to nurture its talent. I firmly believe that both federal and state governments have a role to play. We share a common goal, which is to generate employment and offer products and services that cater to the needs of communities not only in Nigeria but also throughout Africa and the world. Considering the substantial challenges we confront, we must do this on a larger scale and at a quicker pace,” she emphasized.

While we take pride in the advancements in Lagos, limiting our perspective to this city alone is narrow-minded. We must address these challenges beyond Lagos,” she stressed.

She referred to Nigeria’s youthful population as an asset not only to Africa but also to the entire world. She expressed confidence that when these talents are nurtured, it will also prove beneficial to the United States.

Basu emphasized that these valuable young assets should not be left untapped. She underlined the importance of creating opportunities for them to prosper, contributing to economic growth and development.

She highlighted that the U.S. government acknowledges the significant potential of Nigeria’s youthful population and is committed to offering support through investments, partnerships, and training.

Building Talents in Nigeria 

In an earlier statement, the Chief Executive Officer of Venture Garden Group, Bunmi Akinyemiju, outlined some of the accomplishments of Vibranium Valley Tech City in cultivating tech talents and innovators in Nigeria.

He stated that Tech City has already nurtured 1,500 talents and established approximately 22 companies from the ground up. Furthermore, Vibranium Valley Tech City has made investments in approximately 65 companies through its venture capital division.

Akinyemiju expressed his belief that the growth of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and that of Africa is closely linked to forging connections with the United States.

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