New PS5 Update Adds a Hidden Surprise for Trophy Fans

The New PS5 update adds a hidden surprise for trophy fans thus meaning that achievement hunting on the platform just got easier.

New PS5 Update Adds a Hidden Surprise for Trophy Fans

New PS5 Update Adds a Hidden Surprise for Trophy Fans

Users and owners of PS5 now can view all the hidden trophies of a game with just a single press of a button. This is all part of the latest firmware update of the console.

The new PS5 update along with introducing 1440p support and also a slate of new social tools includes a couple of hidden quality of life features. And while Sony has been really quiet about these changes, a YouTuber in the name of Mystic has marked all of them up and also has spotted a subtle new feature in the trophy list of the console.

A New Toggle Will Allow Users to Reveal All the Hidden Trophies in a Game

A new toggle on the platform will allow you to reveal all of the hidden trophies in a game thus making it much easier than it used to for trophy hunters to track down the achievements that are missing on. Prior to this update, users of PS5 have had to reveal each hidden trophy individually, which as you should have guessed, eats up a whole lot of time for titles that are achievement-sensitive.

In order to reveal the hidden trophies of a game, you will have to go to the trophies menu and then locate the game that you are after. Next, you will tap on the options button on your DualSense Wireless Controller in order to open a drop-down menu and then toggle the ‘Reveal All’ option.

Some Hidden Trophies Pertain To Skill Challenges

You should however be wary of your activities here though. This is because while some hidden trophies pertain to skill challenges or Easter eggs, many of them are used in canceling major story beats. That being said, if in the event that you are playing a plot-heavy game and want to avoid all spoilers, you might be best off in trying to keep its hidden trophies covered.

Other Minor Updates Have Been Introduced In the Recent Firmware Patch

Many other minor updates have also been introduced in the recent firmware patch. And as Mystic delves into in his video on YouTube, the screen reader capabilities of the console have been greatly improved. Its web browser now supports zoom controls, and it’s even easier to view another user’s profile after accepting their friend request or sending them a message on the platform.

More tantalizingly, PSVR 2 which is Sony’s upcoming next-gen virtual reality headset is now being mentioned by name in the Bluetooth settings of the PS5. It’s only a passing name-check, but it however suggests the headset is still set to be released next year during its official launch window.

While you may see all of these changes as minor, you should however be very thankful that Sony is not taking any more features of the PS5


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