iOS 16 Will Be Hitting Your iPhones on Monday

iOS 16 will be hitting your iPhones on Monday. Reports now coming in from this end show that the newest version of the iPhone operating system will be coming with lots of handy features to your iMessages and lock screen.

iOS 16 Will Be Hitting Your iPhones on Monday

iOS 16 Will Be Hitting Your iPhones on Monday

It’s time to ditch your old lock screen and then center a new era of phone customization when the iOS 16 finally arrives on Monday, September 12. On Wednesday, Apple revealed the release date for the iOS 16 OS as part of its fall iPhone event. This already is the annual tradition of apple to announce the version of iOS in the spring at its usual WWDC conference and then spend the summer testing out the new operating system with its developers and other beta testers and then launch the operating system with the newest iPhone in the fall.

CNET Has been testing the iOS Beta for Many Months Prior to Its Release

For months now, CNET has been testing the iOS beta, so the platform already has an excellent idea as to what to expect. The best iOS 16 features are a more customizable lock screen, changes to the lock screen notifications, modified enhancements to apple wallet, the ability to edit and unsend iMessage, and lastly the ability to make use of SharePlay right from messages.

The Availability of the new iOS 16

The new OS will be made available on the iPhone 8 and second generation iPhone SE and all other later models such as X, 11, 12, 13, and 14 including Pro, Plus, and all Max models.

The yearly upgrades to iOS are great and important chances for the company to make big overhauls to its operating system which it has been doing ever since 2007. And throughout the year, users can still expect other smaller update as iOS 15.6.1 is the latest version of the OS and it is inclusive of an important security patch. But however, the September updates that upgrade the iOS by an entire version normally most times involve the biggest changes.

Other Announcements Made On Wednesday

The release date for the iOS 16 wasn’t the only thing that was announced on Wednesday as the company apple also showed off the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, the iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro max, the Apple Watch Series 8, and the all-new apple watch ultra.


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