Nvidia RTX 4090 Leak Suggests A Powerful GPU Is In the Works

Nvidia RTX 4090 leak suggests a powerful GPU is in the works and it could also prove to be a nightmare for PC builders as the leaked benchmark hints at a GPU that could potentially leave the RTX 3090 in the dust.

Nvidia RTX 4090 Leak Suggests A Powerful GPU Is In the Works

Nvidia RTX 4090 Leak Suggests A Powerful GPU Is In the Works

The RTX graphics card by Nvidia is currently the subject of a new benchmark leak showing that it just could be the nippy if anything in regards to the spillage and the rumor is true.

You should however arm yourself with lots of skepticism around this one particular as the source is the Chiphell forums in china which is an outlet that has in the past provided users with some very useful info but however not one of the most reliable sources in our experience.

The benchmark ta any rate that is shown in this case came with photographic evidence which of course has now been deleted, but however not before it was captured and then shared by HXL on Twitter as per VideoCardz.

Time Spy Extreme Score from the 3Dmark Suite

It is a Time Spy Extreme score from the 3Dmark suite which reveals a GPU with name withheld. But given to all the other types of information that was provided by the leaker such as power consumption of 450W, it surely must be the RTX 4090, hitting 20,192 which is a pretty decent number way more than a rumor indicated in the past.

That’s however the graphics score by the way. And in this very case, the overall score is just below-par due to the test rig in which the RTX 4090 is running in and this is including a Core i5-12400F processor.

Leaked Photos Show the Purported RTX 4090 Being Clocked At Just Over 3GHz

Another very interesting fact and point to note here is that the photos shared also show the purported RTX 4090 being clocked at just over 3GHz, no less than that. And as mentioned before, the TDP is 450W and the leaker has asserted that the graphics card is a chunky piece of hardware. And as you also may have expected, with a very large heatsink. The leaker in fact doubts whether it might be a suitable fit for a mid-tower PC case.


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