NeoFace Watch System Assists in Apprehending Chinese Syndicate in Zimbabwe

NEC XON, a prominent pan-African system integrator, has lauded the pivotal role of its NeoFace Watch facial recognition system in the apprehension of a Chinese syndicate attempting to enter Zimbabwe using fraudulent travel credentials.

NeoFace Watch System Assists in Apprehending Chinese Syndicate in Zimbabwe
NeoFace Watch System Assists in Apprehending Chinese Syndicate in Zimbabwe

This successful operation underscores the efficacy of advanced technology in law enforcement efforts.

Operation Initiation and Utilization of NeoFace Watch

The operation commenced following intelligence received by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) regarding Chinese nationals attempting to enter Zimbabwe with counterfeit travel documents.

ZRP’s facial recognition team deployed NEC’s NeoFace Watch system to identify Lin Xinwei from a Qatar Airways manifest, who had previously attempted to travel to Qatar using a forged Japanese passport.

Identification and Collaboration

  • Lin Xinwei had been monitored since July 2023 after her attempt to board a flight to Qatar using fraudulent credentials.
  • Collaboration between ZRP, Qatar Airways, and passport offices in the United Kingdom (UK) and Northern Ireland revealed a syndicate involved in forging Chinese passports and UK resident cards.

Evidence and Arrest

NeoFace Watch provided crucial intelligence enabling authorities to verify Xinwei’s identity and identify her counterfeit documents.

Meticulous research based on NeoFace Watch data yielded sufficient evidence to warrant the arrest and prosecution of the syndicate under Zimbabwe’s Immigration Act.

Importance of International Cooperation

NEC emphasizes the significance of international cooperation in combating transnational crime, as demonstrated by the collaborative efforts between NEC XON and ZRP.

Impact of NeoFace Watch

  • Jan Erasmus, NEC XON’s business lead for surveillance and analytics, highlights the transformative impact of NeoFace Watch in law enforcement.
  • The system’s seamless integration with government databases empowers agencies to swiftly and accurately identify and apprehend suspects, enhancing security and border protection.

NEC XON’s NeoFace Watch system played a crucial role in the apprehension of a Chinese syndicate involved in fraudulent activities in Zimbabwe. This successful operation underscores the effectiveness of advanced facial recognition technology in enhancing law enforcement efforts and protecting national borders.

Collaboration between technology providers and law enforcement agencies is essential in combating transnational crime and ensuring public safety.



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