My Nintendo Store Features Tones of New Products

My Nintendo Store Features Tones of New Products. If you head to the Nintendo website right now, you would see a new option in the navigation bar at the top called “My Nintendo Store.” As the name suggests, Nintendo has launched a new online store in both the United States and Canada that exists alongside the Switch eShop.

My Nintendo Store Features Tones of New Products

My Nintendo Store Features Tones of New Products

Previously, users were only able to purchase digital games right from Nintendo’s website, but with the launch of this new shop, there are physical products – which include games and hardware that are also available.

So, that is actually a nod to those that prefer to purchase games over digital ones, as you get to purchase some titles straight from Nintendo. On top of launching its new shop, Nintendo has also restocked My Nintendo Rewards, offering users several physical items to purchase with the platinum coins they accumulated.

We’re assuming that the physical rewards would be heading out of stock quickly, though, so if you have been sitting on a trove of platinum coins, you actually might want to spend them a lot sooner than later.

My Nintendo Store Offers Luigi Mugs and Zelda Pillows for Sale

The selection of physical items that would be available on the My Nintendo Store seems to be quite broad. For instance, there’s an incredible amount of hats and shirts based on various Nintendo’s own Games like “Super Mario,” “Animal Crossing,” “Metroid,” and “Splatoon.”

The entire PUMA x Animal Crossing: New Horizons lineup seems to be available on the My Nintendo Store too, along with most – if not all – of the LEGO Super Mario Sets that have been launched so far. That includes the super Mario 64 ”?” LEGO set, which was fairly difficult to locate right before the new year.

There are, of course, some items that look a little more out of the left-field, including a pair of throw pillows that features artwork from “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.” There’s even a “Super Mario Bros” holiday stocking and various Build-A-Bear workshop plushies based on characters from the “Animal Crossing” series.

Also, you can choose to make use of the My Nintendo Store to purchase Switch consoles and accessories directly from Nintendo. While Nintendo has always offered switch accessories directly from Nintendo. While Nintendo has always offered Switch accessories directly to consumers, the fact that you get to order a Switch directly from Nintendo and cut out the middleman is a great touch.

Just as mentioned at the outset, you even get to purchase some physical games from Nintendo, though physical offerings seem to be limited to the company’s first-party games and some recent third-party releases.

My Nintendo Rewards Also Restocked

Alongside this interesting new store, the My Nintendo Rewards Store has also been restocked. Here you get to make use of Platinum coins that you have acquired on physical items, although we are sure there are a bunch of people that have been sitting on platinum coins and are now set to use them. Do not be surprised, then, to see some of these rewards get sold out real fast.

There’s a fairly limited selection of physical products on the My Nintendo Rewards store, and it includes a “paper Mario: The Origami King” Origami set, a selection of phone ring holders, various buttons, and a My Nintendo Game Card case that has a practical use.

The most expensive item is a Tom Nook Keychain from “animal Crossing: New Horizons,” which runs 1,000 platinum coins and will no doubt be one of the products to get sold out faster. You also can check out the My Nintendo Store by going to Nintendo’s Official Website, you can also see the new Nintendo Rewards here.


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