Amazon Store Card – Amazon Store Card Reviews

The amazon store card is one of the great products for amazon prime members on the Amazon platform. Now for members who order a significant amount from the online retailer and do not have excellent credit, then there is something to do.

Amazon Store Card

If you do not have a prime account there is not much reason to get the card since you will not be eligible to earn any rewards. Although the amazon store card which is issued by synchrony bank has a couple of special zero percent interest financing options whether you are a prime member or not.

Amazon Store Card

The card’s true value is the rewards you will earn on Amazon purchases. This card is geared towards supers shoppers who already have or do not mind paying for a Prime membership. For those who spend enough at the internet retailer to make the card worthwhile. If you spend more than two thousand dollars a year and earn rewards on that spend, that covers your prime membership so anything above that means extra savings for you.

The Pros of Amazon Store Card

Here are the pros of the amazon store card.

  • Rewards for prime members: if you have a Prime membership when you apply for the card you will get an automatic upgrade to the amazon prime store card. This card is subject to credit approval and this allows you to earn five percent bank on all your Amazon purchases.
  • Special financing options: if you are not a prime member and you decide to forgo rewards in exchange for extra time to pay off a purchase at zero percent. You can select one of two options that will be displayed during checkout. The first one slows you to pay no interest if the purchase is paid in full within six, twelve, or twenty-four months. Or you will split the payment into two equal monthly payments.

Amazon Store Card Bonus

Unlike other rewards, credit cards offer sign up bonuses based on if you meet a minimum spend. For amazon store credit card there is a bonus for you instantly upon your approval. It is a ten-dollar credit. But if you are a prime member already you may receive a higher instant account credit offer.

Earn Points and Rewards

Amazon rewards earnings are unlimited but you must be a prime member though the company says it might offer rewards points on certain purchases. And in such cases, the offer will be noted on the product on the product page or during checkout.

Redeeming Rewards

Any rewards you earn will be credited to your amazon account. You can choose a one-time statement credit. You can also automatically redeem your available rewards point balance as a statement credit at the end of each subsequent billing cycle.

It may take up to two billing cycles for your earned rewards points to be credited. Also, be aware that if you return a purchase made with a rewards point. It makes takes about five days for the points to be credited back to your account.

Security Features

This card features standard security features. The most important one being zero fraud liability which means if your card gets stolen or fraud charges appear you are off the hook.

Amazon Store Card Fees

Amazon store card does not have an annual fee and late fees are in line with most credit cards. Most of the other fees you are already familiar with on other products which are foreign transactions, balance transfers, and cash advance fees do not apply because it is a store card.

This card is more suitable for those with an amazon prime account and if you think the rewards are better you can join amazon prime to apply to earn rewards.


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