MTN Finally Turns to Renewable Energy for Power

MTN finally turns to renewable energy for power. MTN implements a significant solar energy project at its Johannesburg headquarters to reduce its dependency on the overburdened electricity infrastructure in South Africa.

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With more than 5,400 solar panels in operation, MTN is on schedule to reduce its reliance on the municipal grid by 40% by the end of February at the latest.

MTN Finally Turns to Renewable Energy for Power

Through a gradual method, the telecom company hopes to add 1,800kW to the office’s microgrid. This will considerably lessen the effects of the widespread power outages, sometimes referred to as “load shedding,” that have recently afflicted South Africa. With the completion of battery storage facilities scheduled for March, MTN is spearheading the effort to maintain operations in the face of the nation’s energy crisis.

This action is consistent with MTN’s pledge to fully de-energize its base stations and spend more than $84 million to reduce outages. The corporation lost $38 million due to load shedding in the previous year. To protect millions of subscribers’ connectivity, MTN is now looking to the sun.

MTN aims to improve energy security and lessen its environmental effect by implementing several renewable technologies and turning into an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

Johannesburg Solar Park Predicts to Save 9.3 Million kWh Annually

With 4.9 MW of solar PV installed, the Johannesburg Solar Park is predicted to save 9.3 million kWh annually. Additionally, it will support MTN’s objective of reaching net zero emissions by 2040 by reducing CO2 emissions by 9,672 tons yearly.

An impending project called Island Mode Project will combine solar, gas, diesel, and battery storage into a microgrid that can cut off from the main grid in the event of an outage.

The Microgrid MTN’s Creative Problem-solving With Energy Should be Finished in April

The microgrid, which is expected to be completed in April, is a prime example of MTN’s creative problem-solving with energy.

MTN has started a national initiative to safeguard its network infrastructure from theft and disruptions in addition to its headquarters operations. Through anti-tampering measures and solar panels at base stations, MTN is strengthening its network for the future and enabling communities through constant connectivity.



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