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Need a tool that you and your tool can use to team and collaborate? is a working OS that powers teams to run processes, projects, and workflows in one digital workspace.

Highly effective teams choose to manage their work. With, you can manage everything in one place, including planning, tracking, and delivering your team’s best work has never been easier.

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What am trying to say, is is super simple and customizable and can be used for every use. The interface is clean and beautiful, which makes it easy to navigate and use the platform.

According to Wikipedia; “As of 2020, the company serves 100, 000 organizations from around 200 vertical markets, including many non-technical organizations”. It is a great productivity tool that anyone looking to collaborate and team up with people should use. Brief Story

The company started when an entrepreneur witnessed a major problem as companies scaled rapidly, they struggled to keep employees engaged, productive, and happy. The existing tools were not getting the job done and at that time, an effective, transparent platform for managing everything was desperately needed.

Accord to; “ was founded on the belief that transparency and collaboration create a culture of ownership and empowerment; more empowered teams are more productive. And they’re only scratching the surface of what we can accomplish together”.

Why Use

It is a great platform use for your team and there many reasons to use, however, I will be listing out just a few of;

Flexibility is the name of the game

The platform gives teams the ability to build custom work applications for any workflow. In other words, you can construct your applications to meet your specific operational requirements and make your platform insanely valuable. can be used for anything across teams, departments, leaders, and organizations. And for all types of projects and processes.

Visual and Intuitive

On the platform, you can view all your projects and tasks with a single glance. That means you can see your progress and what steps to take to keep moving ahead. This is a great way to get a clear overview of all your projects and have your entire team of what’s ahead.

Easy Communication and Collaboration eliminates the need for painfully long email threads and unnecessary meetings. All communications and files are centralized in one place, so you never miss any key information. By so doing, collaboration is coming across locations, structure and teams are easy.

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Using different or plenty of platforms for managing your work can be hard. However, with, you can use the integration center to connect to lots of external platforms. In order words, with this platform, you get to bring all your work in one place without getting stressed out.

There’s more to why you should use, which you can find on the Support page of Reviews is a web and mobile app platform for management, including tracking projects, deadlines, and team collaboration. It is customizable to fit a wide range of business operations which includes R&D, marketing, sales, IT, customer support, and others App

The app is your central work hub. It is ranked as the No.1 Productivity app (2019 Webby Award Winner). You can get so done using the app.

With downloaded and installed on your device, you can keep eye on everyone in the loop with real-time updates. I mean, you don’t need to worry much about your team and how functional they are, because you’d be collaborating with them.

Also, is compatible with any device type which includes iOS and Android devices. So, let’s get the app installed.

How to Download

To get the app downloaded and installed on your device, open your phone app store. Then use the search and enter, and tap on the first result to load the information page. From the information page, tap on “Install” to start downloading and it will automatically install after downloading. Desktop App

The platform can be used on your phone, browser and now with the release of the desktop app, it can be used on desktops too. The desktop app offers a smoother, better experience, feature updates, and new functionalities that will have your whole team rushing to the app store.

This is a rebuilt and it comes better and smarter than the last. Here is the new desktop app’s major improvement;

  • Smoother and faster experience.
  • More stability and security.
  • Fixed login issues
  • Fixed blank page issues
  • App reopens on the previous page.
  • Zoom issues fixed.
  • Fixed refresh issues

There’s more that has been rebuilt into the app and it has come out better and smarter. Learn more

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