Pricing: Pricing Costs And Plans

Have you heard of pricing before? if you’ve never heard of it, or perhaps you have a shallow understanding of the basics and modus operandi, you’ve come to the right place because that’s the main essence of this article. Pricing Pricing

However, having a basic understanding of is important. It’s one of the markets leading collaboration and communication apps from teams including those working remotely. It is also widely used for task management, as it’s synchronized or syncs all information in a single accessible hub and empowers agents and team members to make important decisions.

But to effectively and adequately make use of, you must know the pricing system and how to go about it.

How Do I Price

Pricing on isn’t hard, although it can quite complex and complicated. The pricing system is appealing. However, in a simple and detailed manner. I will show you how to go about pricing without stress. Follow through as I walk you through it below:

It is separated into 4 categories, they are:

  1. The basic plan consists of unlimited project viewers, unlimited boards, IOS and Android apps,5GB file storage limit, 1-week activity log limit,1 dashboard limit.
  2. The second one is the standard, its features range from basic plan,50GB file storage limit, unlimited activity log,4 guest accounts, timeline view, calendar view, advanced search, custom firms, integrations access, and 3 dashboards.
  3. It also has the pro, it consists of the standard plan, unlimited file storage, unlimited guest accounts, time tracking, chart views, formula columns, private boards,10 dashboards.
  4. The Enterprise consists of the pro plan,25 dashboards, audit logs, user session management, advanced account permissions, one-on-one training, dedicated and customer success manager

However, you must understand that each tier is more expensive than the last. The pricing systems nevertheless don’t stop there. Pricing is also broken down into 9 separate user counts. They are 2 users,5 users,25 users,50 users,10users,200 users, and 200 plus users.

So, here is the pricing structure by user and features tiers per month. As Pricing isn’t as tedious and arduous as you may think. The more users and features you add, the more the price tags grow and it grows fast.

How Much Does Pricing Cost?

Probably asking how much does pricing cost, it’s simple. Its pricing starts from $24 per month for 3 uses and increases based on your chosen plan and team size

However, if you have 40 users or more, you can contact to get an exact quote.

What Are The Pricing Plans?

Most good things come with good and high price tags. So, what are the assumed pricing plans for The platform is currently available from $49 per month to $1,999 per month. However, this depends on your team size and required project management features.

The vendor also offers an 18% discount if you choose to have your subscription billed annually instead of monthly.

Benefits of Pricing

To top it all, also provides special pricing plans for non-profits. Also, NGOs and educational institutions help your organization save a few bucks. And allocating your budget to your cause. Also, apart from the accrued incentives that contribute to your task and assignment.

If you think you haven’t gotten the basic understanding of what pricing is, and how to go about it. Do well to subscribe and get connected to its accrued gain and benefits.

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