Best Podcasts for Single Women: Podcasts for Single Women 2021

As a lady, if you looking for the best way to pass time then, Best Podcasts for Single Women is just right for you. Podcasts: maybe the best way to pass the time during your morning commute or evening wind-down session as well as an excellent way to digest a broad variety of topics. The wonderful world of podcasts is packed to the rafters with tons of great listening material no matter what you’re interested in.

If you need a solid dose of girl power. A pep talk from an older sister stand-in, advice from someone who can understand your life experiences. Or if you just want to celebrate and support female content creators, the solution is right in your headphones.

Tuning in to one of the best podcasts for women helps check all of these boxes. And there’s more of them all the time. Despite podcasting’s reputation as the purview of tech-literate men, that’s starting to change. Women still lag behind the guys in podcasting, but ladies are catching up when it comes to listeners.

Best Podcasts for Single Women

Best Podcasts for Single Women

The best podcasts for single women take out time to iron the issues single women faces. Maybe you’re thinking you are the only single experiencing some tough time, well think again. It will surprise you to know that there are lots of singles out there experiencing even worse headaches than you as singles.

Whether you’re content with your single status or not. It’s no secret that it can sometimes feel lonely when you’re flying solo. However, there are tons of women podcast hosts who are single and experiencing the same things as you.

In these relatable podcasts, women tell honest stories about being single. Also, spill the tea on their sex lives, and above all, build communities of women. Some podcasts are hilarious. Others are informative (ahem, sex tips), but all of them are just damn entertaining.

Luckily, for you single ladies out there, there is a plethora of podcasts hosted by women who are badass, lovable, and relatable. And understand the struggles that go along with dating and relationships.

Podcasts for Single Women 2021

Below are the best single women podcasts you can listen to in 2021;

  • Becoming Wise; When you need a moment of zen but can’t spare much more than that, Becoming Wise is the podcast for you. It “offers depth and discovery in the time it takes to make a cup of tea,” according to its tagline, and it actually lives up to that promise. This podcast touches on some of the world’s biggest questions and will lead you to think deeply but briefly, to broaden your horizons without taking up your whole afternoon.
  • Forever 35; as women over 30, hosts Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer didn’t see themselves represented in the mainstream media, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. Through this podcast, the authors and journalists talk about the things that matter to them like beauty, wellness, and living as women. It’s delightfully relatable and you may pick up a few tips as you listen.
  • Women Inspiring Women; Attention all girl bosses (and aspiring ones): This podcast is all about you. Host Melanie Mitro dishes on how she started her own business without a business degree or any formal training, and it’s an inspiring must-listen for any ladies who want to do the same. After you start listening, you’ll be fired up to go achieve your dreams.
  • How to Be a Girl; Marlo Mack is a single Seattle mom raising a transgender daughter, and this podcast explores their mother-daughter relationship, the duo’s life together, and the challenges and successes they face. It’s heartwarming, sometimes even funny, and a must-listen for parents everywhere. You can get lots more by simply clicking here.

So, if you’re a single woman just out here trying to live her best, fullest, most secure, and fun life? The fact is that you can live your life to the fullest even as a single. You can also get more exciting podcasts on single women by clicking here.

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