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Speaking of Review, is a project management system that was specially designed to give users an easy and stress-free way to organize their work. The platform adapts to the special method members of their team apply for their projects by making use of a visual scheduling interface and customizable workflows. Review Review is a very good project management tool for people who are in need of a system that is accessible which their team will eventually use. There are some features that include calendar views, but they come with more expensive subscriptions. All in all, is unique for its beautiful design and third-party integrations that are adaptable. Review Membership and Pricing

There are four different levels of membership which are the Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The price charges actually depend on the number of user accounts required, the cheapest memberships give you access to add two users and top-end options which supports over 200 accounts.

Basic Membership

This is the cheapest subscription plan for which costs $49 per month for 10 users. You can organize your team by making use of Kanban boards which are easy ways to visualize workflows with a basic membership.  You will need to upgrade your storage if you have a large team because the basic only has 5GB storage space.

Basic systems only store user activity logs for a week which is a huge limitation because you will not be able to keep business-strict files.

Standard Membership Standard plan is an upgrade of the basic membership and it costs $79 per month for a 10 person team. The standard plan comes with a 50GB file storage space and user activity tracking that is not limited.

Pro Membership

The pro costs $119 per month for 10 user accounts so if you have intentions to connect your dashboard with other platforms, the pro membership plan is the best for you because it has 25,000 integration actions per month.

At the pro membership level, the storage space does not have a limit which is very good if you have to work with a good number of large multimedia files. Useful project tools are also unlocked when you use the pro subscriptions, such as chart views, time tracking, and private task boards.

Enterprise Membership

The enterprise membership is’s flagship package but there are no public pricing details that are available for this type of membership because all the  Enterprise installations are customized according to the needs of the users. The Enterprise membership comes with a 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee which implies that they are reliable for mission-critical tasks, keeping important files, creating audit logs, and setting individual account permissions. Interface and in Use

The system has a beautiful look with colorful designs and big buttons that enables you to scroll between different screens. It also has beautiful features which include a message inbox, weekly tasks, and shared project boards which can be easily accessed through a panel located on the left-hand side of the interface.

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