Free – Features of | Free is a cloud-based project management software that simplifies the way teams manage workloads and communicate. It features color-coded boards that allow users to quickly check which projects are in progress, which tasks are finished and where team members are stuck. These boards are also organized in a way that conveys due-dates and the relationships between assignments. Free

Users can choose to view the board based on Status, Text, Person, Timeline, or Date. This allows project managers to easily find users who are over/underworked and balance out workloads. All team communication takes place on each board to help eliminate confusion.

Features of – Free is the new name of a product previously known as dapulse, namely one of the market’s leading collaboration and communication apps for teams. It syncs all information in a single, accessible hub, and empowers agents and team members to make important decisions together. has a user-friendly interface to share all the information with the clients. Below are some more features;

  • Centralized management with boards: With, everything is managed with aboard. This is color-coded and visually organized to help you see who’s working on a task, project, mission, and to-do and where they are in the process. For example, team members can put a “Stuck,” “Working on it” or “Done” status on each task
  • Pulses for organized communication: All communication on takes place within the context of aboard. Rows, called “pulses”, are added to the relevant board and can include comments and file attachments. Users can send messages to specific people or the entire team. Notifications for pulses take place in real-time via the desktop and mobile apps
  • Visual Organization: With meaningful colors and board placement, managers can glance to understand how each project and team member is progressing. This helps to ensure that all deadlines will be met and that new assignments are properly delegated or assigned
  • Invite clients: Clients can be invited as guests to view a certain board and see the progress of their project at anytime
  • Advanced search: Search through images, updates, projects, and assignments with no date limit.

Additional Details on the Features of

The communications feature allows the user to know who saw each message and when. The users are also able to use their client management software to share files and basically keep communication, files, and projects in one place. assembles and displays progress data in a logical and understandable manner, making it possible for all team members to keep track of projects and common operations.

Just like in daPulse’s fashion, remains extremely sensitive to customization and lets the user configure almost any option until he gets a brand-specific platform. In the same way, daPulse divided projects and tasks in Pulses (specific rows); categorizes them into custom sections and groups and abides by the specific rules and policies.

Analytics and reporting are also well-executed, as is able to collect and arithmetically relate connected projects and tasks, keep them organized in a historical spreadsheet, and enable users to find them easily upon need. It is connected to Dropbox, Google Drive, as well as other similar sharing and management tools, and also comes with open API architecture that lets developers build their own integrations. That is it on Free.

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