Modern Warfare 3 Is the Game Sledgehammer Has Always Wanted To Make According To Creative Director

Modern Warfare 3 is the game Sledgehammer has always wanted to make according to the creative director. And in this post, everything you need to know regarding the game and this new development will be shared.

Modern Warfare 3 Creative Director

Modern Warfare 3 Creative Director

The creative director of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2023), Dave Swenson of Sledgehammer Games, has just teased that the upcoming FPS “is the game we’ve always wanted to make”, which is an exciting attempt and prospect for fans of the series in general.

Swenson revealed to TechRadar Gaming this in a recently held interview with both himself and narrative designer Shelby Carleton. And in the interview, he made specific reference to the Open Combat Missions that are present in the campaign of MW3, which enables players to approach story missions in several ways (for instance, they just might attempt something stealthily or simply with guns blazing). He, however, noted that as storytellers, the team in question loves “telling an engaging story but in an interactive medium”, and just by giving players greater agency, it can effectively make stories more engaging.

What the Creative Director Has To Say

“I think what makes things engaging is players having some choice in the matter and being able to choose how they got there,” he further explained. “So, making a Call of Duty level where it has all the story, it has all the character, but now, I’m not sort of pulled along, but instead it’s using my agency, my choice, of how we get there. That was the original thought, right? That it would be so cool if we could do that.”

What Players Who Have Pre-Ordered a Digital Version of Modern Warfare 3 Are To Expect

And for just about anyone who has pre-ordered a digital version of Modern Warfare 3, it is very much possible to play through the whole story right now all thanks to the early access period of the campaign, which kicked off yesterday (November 2). This in question simply means that fans have a whole week to enjoy the single-player just before the full game – complete with multiplayer as well as the highly anticipated Zombies mode which reportedly releases on November 10.



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