Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Update has Some Very Odd Bugs

Microsoft’s latest windows 10 update has some very odd bugs and is causing some really serious problems.

Microsoft's Latest Windows 10 Update has Some Very Odd Bugs

Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Update has Some Very Odd Bugs

Windows 10 currently is running into some really hot water all thanks to the latest patch from Microsoft as per a couple of reports from users all outlining a host of problems and some of them are worrying in nature.

This really is not exactly a surprise mind you, seeing as windows 11 users have been hit by some really nasty bugs with the latest cumulative update which was released a week ago.

And in the case of windows 10, this is the March patch KB5023696 for versions 20H2 onwards, and just as windows Latest points out this very update is causing many alarming problems.

Users Are Already Complaining about the Issues with the Update

Some readers have recently been in touch directly with the website and are complaining about performance issues and problems, with one person experiencing their fan running at full speed after the update. This very issue was with a Dell all-in-one PC, and the fan went back to normal just after uninstalling the March update, thus suggesting that the patch in question is the culprit.

Further issues are in evidence across Microsoft’s support forum and the company’s Feedback Hub, as well as Reddit with users again being hit with various performance issues and this is including high CPU usage, and also Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) crashes where the PC locks up and must be rebooted in order to be utilized.

Other Odd Issues and Complaints about the Update

And as seen in the Reddit thread, there is also an odd complaint that the update tells you that it is finished with the reported ‘you’re up to date’ message when in actual fact, the patch is still installing right in the background.

This is reportedly happening to many users at the moment, and if you get to close the Settings panel after getting the message, then reopen it, you will get to see that the update is very much still in progress.



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