Windows 11 Bugs That Affected Task Manager Finally Gets a Fix

Windows 11 bugs that affected task manager finally gets a fix. The bug reportedly and apparently made task manager turned odd colors and it also became unreadable.

Windows 11 Bugs That Affected Task Manager Finally Gets a Fix

Windows 11 Bugs That Affected Task Manager Finally Gets a Fix

Many windows 11 users recently collided with a bug with a preview update that made task manager ended up being displayed in different colors and quite possibly rendering it unreadable, but the good news here is that the most recent patch from Microsoft has fixed the problem.

The Issue Was Introduced In an Optional Update

The issue in question was introduced in the optional update, a preview which meant that it was still in testing for windows 11 that arrived in late November (KB5020044).

The issue made task manager, which is the panel that showed users their running processes and a host of other details such as resource usage (GPU, CPU, memory and many more) to become “unexpected colors” in many parts of the interface, potentially meaning that the info therein that was supposed to be displayed could not be made out.

How Affected Users Got the Bug

This is one of the weirder windows bugs to make manifest in most recent times, certainly, and while it may not be a show-stopper, it is certainly an irritation in the event that to does obscure something that you want to actually see. And according to Microsoft the bug affected users who had selected custom mode in personalization > colors under settings.

The Bug Has Now Been Fixed With the Latest Windows 11 Update

And as reported by Bleeping Computer, the good news here is that with the latest windows 11 cumulative update, KB5021255, which was released earlier this week, the problem has now been smoothened out.

Users of windows 11 should have been offered KB5021255 for download at this point in time, but if this is not the case, they should simply head to windows update and then check for new update, and of course, should be there by now.


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