Microsoft Leaked Its Own Xbox Documents According To the Court

Microsoft leaked its own Xbox documents according to the court. According to news and development coming from the court, tech giant Microsoft is reportedly to be blamed for the leaked documents revealing things such as the design of an Xbox Series X.

Microsoft Leaked Its Own Xbox Documents

Microsoft Leaked Its Own Xbox Documents

Tech company Microsoft is to be held responsible for the huge trove of leaked documents that reportedly revealed things such as a new disc-less Xbox Series X design, unannounced games from Bethesda, as well as executive musings regarding buying Nintendo, as per a new filing from the FTC v. Microsoft judge on Tuesday.

In the reported filing, Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley stated that the court ordered the Federal Trade Commission as well as Microsoft to provide the court with “a secure cloud link” to trial exhibits with redactions that met with the recent orders of the court. Microsoft on its own end provided a link on September 14th, and the court on the other hand then uploaded the exhibits from there, Judge Corley says.

How the Parties Involved In the Case Have Responded To the Leaks

The parties that are involved in the case have since told the court that “the version of the exhibits provided contained non-public information,” which might just be the understatement of the century, and the court has taken them down.

The FTC and Microsoft as you should know must resubmit admitted trial exhibits by September 22nd, but they are however also on the hook to confirm to the court that they are okay with what has already been uploaded. “The parties shall simultaneously file a written certification signed by all parties, and nonparties whose information is contained in the admitted trial exhibits, verifying they have reviewed the exhibits and certify they contain only public information in accordance with the Court’s orders,” Judge Corley stated.

FTC Blames Microsoft for Leaked Documents

In the early parts of Tuesday, the FTC on its own end also geared the blame for leaked documents toward Microsoft. This whole situation in question has all been a really weird one. The leaked Xbox documents in question were somehow included inside what seemed to be a five-page PDF. But this as you should know is not the only time that there have been mistaken leaks during this case. Back in June, confidential PlayStation secrets were reportedly revealed just because of redactions that were seemingly done by Sharpie.



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