Microsoft 365 Apps Are Reportedly Moving To a Unified Domain

Microsoft 365 apps are reportedly moving to a unified domain, the domain. The new unified domain as reported should make it very easy to the apps that you are using.

Microsoft 365 Apps Unified Domain

Microsoft 365 Apps Unified Domain

Microsoft is at the moment planning to move its Microsoft 365 apps onto one single domain, the domain. The apps of the company at the moment are scattered across a host of domains which simply means that it can be sometimes confusing to know where to get a certain type of service in the event that you don’t have it memorized or bookmarked.

Microsoft and Its Domains

Microsoft really does use a lot of domains at the moment and it can evidently be seen from a word cloud that was shared by the company showcasing just a couple of domains customers of Microsoft have had to sort through.

One thing though is that under this newly announced system, users can now make use of URLS such as “” and “” in order to get the app that they are looking for.

How the New System Will Work

To get things started, only “net-new services” will be deployed on this very domain according to Microsoft. And as for “existing workloads,” those “have a broader range of implications to consider and will transition at a slower pace.” The company however does not put a pin to it as to how long the said transition will take.

But the company on the other hand stresses that in “most cases,” you will not need to do anything in order to keep utilizing the apps of Microsoft 365, thus meaning that for the majority of users, this ultimately should be a very small by welcome change to the platform.



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