Google Marketing Platform – The Benefits and Features of Google Marketing Platform

Talking about Google Marketing Platform? Before the introduction of google marketing, google recently announced that they were unifying their double click advertiser products and the google analytics 360 Suite under one single brand, which they’ll term ‘Google Marketing Platform.

Google Marketing Platform

The whole tools that comprise this Marketing Platform work hand in hand to users buy, plan, measure, and optimize digital media and the customer experience in one place.

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So, what is Google Marketing Platform? Well, This Marketing Platform is a unified advertising and analytics platform that allows for stronger collaboration for your marketing teams by building.

And growing on existing integrations between Double Click and the Google Analytics 360 suite. This platform provides you, as a google marketer a handful of benefits that will help make your work seamless, and we shall be seeing some of these next.

Google Marketing Platform | The benefits of Google Marketing Platform

The tools available for this Marketing Platform can drive in the following benefits for you:

  1. Gain more control over your investments: You can easily see what parts of your marketing are working well and be able to carry out informed decisions to improve performance, with the exceptional feeling of confidence that you’re delivering well on quality ads.
  2. Deliver faster, Smarter Marketing: The tools in Google Marketing Platforms are day-to-day automated, so you can spend more time on strategic activities while their built-in intelligence automatically does the job on your ad trends and patterns.
  3. Sharing insights across your teams: with the availability of data kept in one place, workers in the company can have a view of your media, audience, and business results in order to optimize marketing and share insights.
  4. Understanding your audience on a deeper level: the tools allow you to integrate and access your data to gain a more complete view of your customers. You can also connect your data with Google cross-device and intent signals so that you can easily identify the most valuable audiences.

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What are the features of the Google Marketing Platform?

What are the features that make this platform stand out so much from the rest? As a current user of these tools, you have access to the Marketing Platform including these features below:

  • Platform Home: this will be a centralized place for user management, administrative control, account snapshots, and billing across the platform. If you’re a user of Google Analytics 360 Suite, this Platform replaces the Suite Home.
  • New Branding of Products: you’ll see the new names and logos for all Google Marketing Platform products across help centers, product interfaces, training, and other materials.
  • Common Product Switcher: this feature allows you to easily navigate across all of the platforms from a common product switcher that you’ll find in the header of each product. Products you currently have access to can also be found in the switcher.
  • Integration Center: with this feature, you get the best out of Google Marketing Platform by showing the product integrations that are available and their benefits. You’ll also be able to see existing links between products and opportunities for even new integrations.



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