Unified Syncing Solution offered by Google Drive for Desktop

Unified Syncing Solution is now being offered by Google Drive for Desktop. Google happens to be a company that often has multiple solutions to one particular issue. That sometimes, it works pretty well in weeding products that are not as effective. But, most times, it often led to confusion., inconsistency, and uncertainty.

Unified Syncing Solution offered by Google Drive for Desktop

Unified Syncing Solution offered by Google Drive for Desktop

That is not only true for messaging apps, for example, when it comes to cloud syncing and backup. Well, fortunately, Google happens to be working on a fix the latter with one sync client that would rule all of them. And that Drive for desktop application is now available for windows and Mac users.

Google Backup and Sync

Before this, Google possessed two cloud sync clients that is aimed at different audiences but with features that are overlapping. Backup and sync were the only solution that was available to consumers. While Drive file stream was exclusive to business customers. Those that are being smashed right into one, and Google has promised to offer the best for both worlds.

Google Drive for Desktop

Drive for desktop would allow all Google Drive users to gain access to their files available both on the desktop without having to go through a web browser. Aside from that, however, it would offer a more convenient backup and sync feature that removes the work of manually moving files to and from the cloud. That also includes uploading and syncing images directly to Google Photos.

The Drive available for desktop app also supports syncing flash drives and external hard drives to the cloud, for example. If you are having a network bandwidth issue, you get to opt to mirror files right on your local devices to have instant access to them. While this would save your bandwidth, it does not free space right on your local storage and the file might just get out of sync, depending right on the situation.

Google Drive Windows and Mac

Drive for Desktop now happens to be available for download on Windows and Mac devices. Backup and Sync users are advised to switch now to the new client by September this year. After that point, they would not be able to sync files via the old client. Drive file stream customers would have it a lot easier as they are not required to do anything since Google would simply give the drive another name for desktop when the switch is flipped.


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