Google Meet Will Finally Support 1080p Video Calls

Google Meet will finally support 1080p video calls. But even at that, the feature in question at the moment is just available to select subscribers to Workplace as well as Google One.

Google Meet 1080p Video Calls

Google Meet 1080p Video Calls

Google Meet as announced already will now support 1080p video calls, but however only for its paying subscribers. Tech company Google in an update on Wednesday said that it is now bringing the upgrade to select users of Workplace as well as Google One.

You can additionally only get access to 1080p video calls on the web-based version of Google Meet. And even at that it also depends on whether the webcam of your computer system supports the said resolution. The tech company also notes that you will need additional bandwidth in order to send 1080p video and states that it will adjust your resolution automatically if the bandwidth is constrained.

How to Enable the New Update

The feature is not enabled by default, but you can however toggle it on simply by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of your video feed and then clicking on Turn on HD video. And since Google Meet prior to this only supported resolutions of 720p or lower, it is kind of nice that we get the chance to see our colleagues more clearly finally. Other videoconferencing apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, already have support for 1080p calls.

Availability of the New Update

Google furthermore stated that 1080p video calling is available for all users with the following plans: Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Education Plus, Enterprise Essentials, as well as Frontline. The new feature is also available to users with a Google One plan that has support for at least 2TB of storage.



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