Meta Adds a New Feature for Its Quest Headset

Meta adds a new feature for its Quest headset. The company is now going to allow users to update Quest apps just before the headset shuts down. The new feature in question in v53 now means that users will get to spend less time updating apps when they want to make use of them.

Meta New Feature for Quest Headset

Meta New Feature for Quest Headset

The v53 update by Meta for Quest devices adds a very welcome new feature, which is, the headset will now be able to update apps when you shut down your headset. If the feature gets to work as intended, that means that you will be able to download updates at a time when you are not planning to utilize the device, which users will surely appreciate.

How the New Update Works

How does this new update work? “You can simply take off your headset, plug it in, and go about your business while the headset does its thing,” Meta in a blog post said. Sounds really great! And I am sure users are really looking forward to trying this feature out.

Improvements with the New Update    

v53 as you should know includes a few other improvements as well. The update moves what Meta refers to as “Advanced Camera Settings” for effectively capturing your gameplay, and this is including frame rate and aspect ratio, directly from the Experimental Settings panel and then into the main Camera Settings menu. For the Meta Quest Browser, on the other hand, the company is including a new parental supervision tool and allowing you to log into Twitch. And with the new update, the Meta Quest Pro will support Wi-Fi 6E.

Feature Availability

The company, Meta, says that v53 will start rolling out “soon.”



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