Lamborghini Teases Its First Fully Electric Supercar

Lamborghini teases its first fully electric supercar just ahead of its August 18th official reveal date. The concept car in question will be getting an official debut during the Monterey Car Week.

Lamborghini First Fully Electric Supercar

Lamborghini First Fully Electric Supercar

Lamborghini as you know will be revealing an electric supercar concept on August 18th for Monterey Car Week. The Italian automaker just ahead of the event posted a teaser image on social media that, while not revealing really much, still retains that well-known classic Lamborghini shape.

And while it is just a concept, the vehicle in question will give us our first impressions of what an EV really looks like to Lamborghini. It has been two years ever since the Italian automaker outlined its electrification plans, which will then proceed in two distinct phases over the next couple of years or even a decade. And by the end of 2024, the company stated that it would roll out gas-electric hybrid versions of its whole lineup. Lamborghini following up with that will be debuting its very first all-electric model sometime just before the end of the decade.

What Lamborghini Going into the EV Space Means

That development simply means that plug-in hybrid versions of Aventador, Huracán, and Urus models will all be arriving within the next stipulated three years as well as limited-production Sián roadsters. And sometime just before the year 2030, Lamborghini will be unveiling a completely new all-electric fourth model.

The Concept Will Reveal Details of the Mysterious Forth Model of Lamborghini

The concept that will be revealed later this week will very much likely provide some clues regarding that mysterious fourth model. We have already gotten a taste of the first hybrid model of Lamborghini’s, which is the 2024 Revuelto, an 813hp, 6.5-liter V12, that is bolstered by three electric motors for a combined 1,015cv (which as you should know is a metric unit of horsepower that directly translates to 1,001hp). The hybrid in question is set to replace the Aventador in the lineup of Lamborghini.

The Three Electric Motors of the Revuelto

The three electric motors of the Revuelto, with one in the rear and one at each front wheel, are all powered by a 3.8kWh battery pack that is housed in the central tunnel of the car, which is very small by EV standards but however can still very much power the Revuelto for up to 10km, or equivalent of 6.2 miles, of all-electric range.

Lamborghini in the EV Industry

And just like other sports car firms, Lamborghini has been really slow to embrace electric drivetrains and may be fearful of ostracizing its loyal customers who crave loud V8 and V12 engines as well as neck-snapping speed. The company already has been beaten to the punch by upstarts such as Croatia’s Rimac, whose Nevera can leap from zero to 60mph in no fewer than two seconds.



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