New Lamborghini Urus S Has the Same Performante as the Old Base Model

New Lamborghini Urus S has the same performante as the old base model. The new Urus S directly replaces the old base model and it also has the same and more powerful engine as the performante.

New Lamborghini Urus S Has the Same Performante as the Old Base Model

New Lamborghini Urus S Has the Same Performante as the Old Base Model

Lamborghini back in august during Monterey Car Week unveiled its new Urus performante which is a facelifted version of its high-performance SUV that has tweaked styling, is less weight and is even more powerful. Lamborghini has now announced the 2023 Urus S which slots in just underneath the performante in the already updated Urus lineup.

The Urus S’ upgraded twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 matches with the output of the Performante, with 657 horsepower and a 627 pound-feet of torque. That right there is an increase of 16 hp over the old base model that the Urus S is replacing, and Lamborghini has stated that it will hit 62 mph in 3.5 seconds and also get to a top speed of 189 mph, 0.2 seconds, and 1 mph off of the Performante.

The Urus S Does Not Have Any of That New Model’s Weight Savings

That’s partially due to the fact that while the Performante weighs 104 pounds less than the already outgoing Urus, the Urus S does not have any of that new model’s weight savings, nor does it get the Performante’s lowered steel suspension. But instead, the Urus S is keeping the regular Urus adaptive air suspension.

However, what the Urus S does gain are many of the Performante’s styling tweaks. The new front bumper in the Urus S has larger intakes, and the carbon-fiber hood on the other hand has integrated air vents. The rear bumper also has a slightly tweaked design, but the Urus S does without the Performante’s rad spoiler. Wheels range here is from 21 to 23 inches, with the biggest set now available with a bronze finish to it. The interior of the Urus S gets a couple of new colors and other trim options too.

When Will the Urus S Go On Sale?

The Urus S will reportedly go on sale by the beginning of 2023 with a price very much likely a little higher than the pricetag of the current Urus of around $220,000. Lamborghini has built over 20,000 Uruses (Urusi?) ever since its introduction back in 2018 and with more variants on the horizon including a hybrid, that number is sure to continue growing at a rapid rate.


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