Blizzard Is Reportedly Previewing a Diablo III Single-Player Mode

Blizzard is reportedly previewing a Diablo III single-player mode, 11 years after it launched the game. Developers at Blizzard have stated that the Solo Self Found mode of Diablo III will temper you.

Blizzard Diablo III Single-Player Mode

Blizzard Diablo III Single-Player Mode

Blizzard began testing the first ever dedicated single-player mode for Diablo III — that’s right, a game that was released 11 years ago. The new mode in question, Solo Self Found, gets its very own leaderboards, alongside a hardcore version that the developer team recommends for players who really want to be challenged. And as you should know it is available as part of Patch 2.7.6 PTR, which is the newest test build of the game, and the patch in question precedes the 29th as well as the final new season of the game.

The developers at Blizzard write that the mode “will temper you” since you will not be gaining experience bonuses from traversing the dungeons of the game with other players, nor can you even get to trade with other players. To play this very mode, you will simply need to select “Solo Hero” all the while creating your character, and then you can begin a campaign or even get to play in Adventure Mode — just, you know, without your friends.

Other Updates Coming With the Patch

That is however not all that is coming to the patch, though. The new season in question, known as Visions of Enmity, pits players in the game against demons in “pocket dimensions” that they will get to encounter via “Diabolical Fissures” that spawn all through Sanctuary. The pocket dimensions as you should know are themselves the titular Visions of Enmity, and the developers of the game say that players can encounter additional fissures after reportedly killing the enemies inside of a vision.

Blizzard Is Reportedly Working On Other Updates

Blizzard is reportedly also working on other updates, and this is inclusive of three new exclusive Monster Affixes as well as increasing the number of “Paragon Points” players can utilize in upgrading individual attributes from 50 to 200 per every attribute. And right now, each of the four categories in question is rightly limited to 200 points, although the developers may get to change that simply based on feedback. The developers of the game also made a host of quality-of-life changes that were requested by players, such as swapping out some monsters and challenges and then increasing checkpoint counts in Battlefields and even on Boneyards.

All of that which has been mentioned sounds a whole lot nicer than just hearing that a developer has nerfed your character build totally.

The Testing Period for Diablo III Patch 2.7.6 PTR

The testing period for Diablo III Patch 2.7.6 PTR as you should know will reportedly run from August 15th down to August 29th, and the season in question should kick off properly shortly thereafter. If it is that you want to participate, Blizzard has a couple of handy instructions for joining the public test. When the 29 season is over, the company will begin recycling old scenarios with season 30.



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