KAS Contest for International Student Support 2022/2023 | How to Apply Now

Do you seek funds or scholarships as a Student to continue your educational needs? If yes, then it will interest you to know that the KAS Contest for International Student Support 2022/2023 is available for various fields of study with the scholarship program offered by different universities and colleges.

KAS Contest for International Student Support 2022/2023

Please note that the Contests for international students support accommodates both local and international students. Those who are interested in this contest can start searching for the courses of their choice.

KAS Contest for International Student Support 2022/2023

Regardless of your location or home country, you can submit your Applications for the Contests for International Student Support Program. Since you’ve accessed this page, relax, sit back and review the entire article properly. All the details about the contests have been well arranged.

Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) is a renowned German political party foundation associated with but independent of the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU). KAS headquarters are located in Sankt Augustin and in Berlin. Around the globe, KAS has over 75 offices and runs programs in over 100 countries.

Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) offers the prestigious Contests for International Students Support for the year 2022/2023. KAS has a goal to provide financial assistance and mentorship to students who do not have the means to finance their education, students whose values also aligned with that of the foundation and desire to further their education for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Students that fall within the following category are encouraged to apply for this competition

  • Those with a special academic interest
  • Students who are very passionate about something on a practical or theoretical level
  • Those who are in need of financial support for their research project, dissertation, and project.

Requirements for KAS Contests for International Students Support

To be eligible for this competition, it is expected that the applicants must be:

  • College students in Diploma, Bachelor’s, or Master’s programs
  • Upload their well-organized CV or Resume
  • The applicant must be a High School senior attending an undergraduate institution
  • Successful applicants will be required to send proof of their academic status or enrollment to KAS
  • Applicants will be required to demonstrate their English skills with IELTS.

Benefits of KAS Contests For International Student Support

There are multiple prizes for winners of KAS Contest for international students’ support. They’re listed below:

  • The 1st place position – $2000
  • The 2nd place position – $1000
  • The 3rd place position – $500

Required Documents for Application

These are the documents you would need during the application process

  • Your High School Transcripts
  • An Acceptance Letter for the undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters only) institution that the student will be attending
  • Personal report GRE or GMAT scores (optional) in the Standardized Tests tile in the Academic History section.

How to Apply For KAS Contests for International Students Support

In applying for this competition, please note that the KAS Foundation extends the application submission to current international high school, college, or university students from any country. But then it is expected that applicants must meet the required 2.5 or a good grade point average. Also, winners of this contest will be asked to send proof of their academic status and enrollment. In addition to the required documents listed above, international students must remember to include the following documents during their application.

  • First and last name
  • Their School and education
  • A Short presentation of themselves
  • Their Master’s thesis with the description, and summary. This is applicable to international graduate students only.
  • Abroad study and description (if applicable)

Click this link to Visit KAS official scholarship page.


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