Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now!

You can apply for any of the Jobs in the USA With Visa Sponsorship to increase your chances of getting a green card. When you get a job offer from an American employer, you will be sponsored for a visa.

In this article, you would discover what you need to know about the Visa sponsorship and how to apply for a job that comes with Visa sponsorship in the U.S.

Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship  

The United States Government issues different types of visas to foreigners who want to work temporarily in the country. These visas are valid for a limited time and when they expire, the foreigner will have to apply for a new visa or leave the country.

If you are planning on moving to America to settle down, you can try applying for Jobs with US Visa Sponsorship. With this, the U.S employer will have to file a petition for you. Though the process may be long, it’s worth it.

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What is a Visa Sponsorship?

Before we proceed to list the jobs that come with Visa sponsorships in the U.S, you should understand what the term “Visa Sponsorship” means. Visa Sponsorship is a term used when an individual or organization is willing to take responsibility for a foreigner who wants to move into a country.

The individual taking the responsibility is known as the sponsor and he/she is required to file a petition to the country’s immigration department and subsite other necessary documents.

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Visa Sponsorship Jobs USA          

In the case of the U.S Visa sponsorship, the advocate would be required to file a petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). There are different types of visa sponsorships and this is based on who the sponsor is.

When your travel expenses are covered by an individual or organization, it is called financial sponsorship.

When you are being sponsored by a parent, relative, or any other family member, it is called Family immigration sponsorship. This is one of the most common types of visa sponsorships in the U.S.

The employment-based sponsorship is going to be discussed in this article. This is when a foreigner is offered a job by a U.S. employer and is behind sponsored to get a Visa to work in the country. To get sponsored for a Visa for employment purposes, you can apply for a US Job. Before we proceed to that, you need to know the type of work visas offered by the U.S government.

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Types of US Visas for Work

A US Visa is what gives you permission to enter the United States if you are not a resident of the country. it is included as part of your travel document. When you are applying for a job in the US with Visa Sponsorship, you should know the type of visa you are being sponsored for.

Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

Go through the list below to discover the type of visas you can use to work as a foreigner in the U.S.

  • Immigrant Visa. This visa is also called the Permanent Green card. Holders of this Visa are allowed to live in the U.S permanently. There is no deadline attached to the visa. The types of Immigrant visas include the EB-1 Visa, EB-2 visa, EB-3 visa, EB-4 visa, and lots more.
  • The Non-Immigrant Visa. This visa type is a temporary one and when it expires, the visa holder would be required to return to their home country. This visa usually lasts for a limited time. Under this visa, we have the H-1B visa, H-2A visa, H-2B visa, L1 visa, O-2 visa, O-1B visa, O-1A visa etc.

Now that you know what the visa sponsorship is all about and the types of work visas. You can go through the job offers listed in this article.

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Jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2022    

Some of the latest job offers for foreigners with visa sponsorships are listed below:

  • Entry Level Data Analyst. This job offer is from Talentheed Inc in New York. The role of this job is to perform scheduling and mat aerial analysis for production. You would also be required to gather and interpret relevant data and collaborate with other supply chain functions.

This job position comes with many benefits such as medical, dental, and vision coverage, 401K retirement benefits, paid time off, etc. The job is full time and the salary is between $70k – $90k annually.

  • Assistant Store Manager. There is a vacant job position for an Assistant Store Manager in Fresh International Market. This job requires the responsibility of maintaining and managing daily operations.

Other roles include interacting with customers and resolving their complaints, writing sales and customer reports, etc. The benefits of this job are Visa sponsorship, Employee discounts, paid time off, and much more. The pay is between $36k to $42k annually.

  • eCommerce Data Analyst. Caterpillar company is in need of an eCommerce Data Analyst. The pay is from $55k to $103k. To qualify for this job, you should be able to solve business problems, coach other business analysts in creating and implementing projects, leverage google analytics, and lots more.

A Bachelor’s degree is needed for the application alongside 3 years of working experience and at least a year of eCommerce analytics experience is also needed the application. The pay is between $55k to $103k. There is also a Visa sponsorship for eligible applicants.

  • Bloomsung Incorporated is hiring Staff Accountants and this is open to those who need visa sponsorship. The role of the staff accountant is to monitor and direct the daily account of the company, assist with journal entries, control financial audits, and lots more. (

To apply for this job, you need a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related course. You should also have some computer skills as you would be working with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other software packages. The pay is between $50K – $60K.

  • Caterpillar company is looking for an eligible applicant to fill the vacant position of a Google Cloud Platform architect. In this role, the employee would be in charge of establishing a Google cloud platform account and performing other related duties. Relocation is available for this job as well as visa sponsorship.

You need a 10-year experience of working with cloud platforms to apply for this job and the pay is from $88k to $175k.

These and many more are the vacant job positions with Visa sponsorships in the United States. You can apply for any of the job positions listed above by visiting the company’s website online.

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H1B Visa Sponsors Database

The H1B visa sponsors database is a website where you can find a lot of H1B visa sponsorship jobs. The H1-B visa is a type of nonimmigrant visa and you can get sponsored for this visa if you apply for an H-1B sponsorship job.

You can make use of this platform to search for a job with Visa sponsorship and apply for as many jobs as you want. You can sech for job positions by sponsors, Job tiles, and locations. This makes your job search much easier. You would be taught how to use the H1B Visa Sponsors Database to apply for a job in the U.S.

50 Best H1b Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Here, I would be stating the 50 Best H1b Visa Sponsorship Jobs that you would like to apply for. they include:

  1. Analyst – Digital Partnerships, FinTech & Ventures- LAC
  2. Research Assistant, Visa Economic Empowerment Institute (VEEI)
  3. Senior Development Consultant, Visa Rules Management
  4. Implementation Analyst
  5. Fintech – BIN Sponsorship Manager
  6. Consultant, Tec
  7. hnical Solutions
  8. Senior Director, Integration-Global Corporate Development
  9. Director, Pricing
  10. Manager – Network Service & Performance Partner
  11. Sr. Product Manager
  12. Senior Manager, Product, Visa Mobile Enablement Platform
  13. Wealth Management Client Associate
  14. Customer Support Representative (2nd Shift)
  15. Customer Service Specialist
  16. Data Analyst, Business Analysis and Reporting – VIRTUAL/REMOTE
  17. Junior Cryptocurrency Trader
  18. Client Implementation Manager
  19. Associate Product Manager
  20. Client Services Analyst
  21. Embark Scholar Intern
  22. Registered Wealth Management Client Associate
  23. Associate Project Management Specialist
  24. Management Consulting
  25. PART TIME Wealth Management Client Associate
  26. Software Engineer
  27. Wealth Management Registered Client Associate PR
  28. Caregiver
  29. Nursing
  30. Director, Support – Call Center
  31. Supply Chain Analyst
  32. Compliance Analyst
  33. Systems Engineers- Avionics Platforms & Network
  34. Entry-Level Talent Acquisition Business Partner
  35. Associate Data Analyst
  36. Entry-Level Talent Acquisition Business Partner
  37. Manufacturing Operations Analyst
  38. Junior Trader
  39. Full Stack Engineer
  40. Free Taring and placement opportunity on IT Technologies
  41. Business Development Specialist (FP)
  42. Communications Manager – Global Recruitment Advertising (Virtual)
  43. International Crude Trader
  44. Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  45. GWIM Sr. Operations Representative
  46. General Application
  47. SQL Database Analyst
  48. Corporate Travel Specialist I
  49. Mid-Level Project Management Specialist
  50. Supply Chain Analysts

There are thousands more jobs available with Visa sponsorship, to get more visit LinkedIn.

How To Apply for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA

You can apply for a Sponsored Job in the USA online. Follow the steps below to start your Job application.

  • Open a browser on your device connected to the internet.
  • Visit the H1B Visa Sponsors Database with the URL
  • You can choose to search for a job by “Company”, “Job title” or “City” using the search bar.
  • Go through the listed jobs on the page if you have no specific job you are searching for.
  • Click on the Job you want to apply for.
  • Go through the Job details on the page.

Follow every other instruction on your screen to provide your information, upload the required documents and complete the application process online. If you are eligible for the position, you would be contacted by the employer and the visa sponsorship process would begin.

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Is the Visa Sponsorship a Letter?

Though most people think the visa sponsorship is a letter, it is more than that. The visa sponsorship is a set of documents that are sent by your sponsor (U.S. employee, family member, or any other U.S citizen) to USCIS.

This document includes a signed letter written by the sponsor, evidence of your employment, Documents stating your financial status, and lots more.

How much does the Visa Sponsorship Cost?

The fee depends on the type of visa. The cost for sponsoring an employee’s visa is about $4500 and this is subject to change. Other fees include fraud prevention and detection fee, government fees, immigration lawyer fees, filing fees, etc.

How Can I get a Visa Sponsorship Job in the U.S?

Getting a Visa Sponsorship job in the U.S is not that difficult. Search for a job that suits you in the H-1B Visa sponsor database and apply for as many as you want. You can also apply for internships or jobs at any university in the United States.

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What are the Companies that Offer U.S Visa Sponsorships?

There are some companies in the U.S that have a track record of sponsoring visas for foreigners. They include; Google, Amazon, Apple, Intel, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, Microsoft, Salesforce, Wipro, and Facebook.

You can visit any of the websites of the companies listed here to check for a vacant job position with visa sponsorship.



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