Best Computer Backup Service – Select the Best Computer Backup Service

What are the best computer backup service? The best computer backup service will help you to protect your data from being lost to hardware failure or physical disasters. Read on to know more.

Best Computer Backup Service

If you accidentally delete some of your important files or lost your laptop, what would you do? One of the best ways of securing your files is using a back service on your system.

Best Computer Backup Service

Computer are crucial tools. It is imperative to protect them against virus attacks if you wish to keep your documents save.

With the best computer back service, be assured that everything on your system is protected. Including your photos, files, applications, systems, and the devices they are on.

Most of the backup services offer large amounts of storage for a subscription fee that is much cheaper, GB for gigabyte, than an online-syncing service.

What is Online Backup Service/cloud Backup?

Online backup service is a way of offsite data storage in which files, folders, or the entire contents of a hard driver are regularly backup by a service vendor to a remote secure cloud-based data repository over network connection.

The Main purpose of the backup service on your computer is to protect your business data or personal information from the risk of loss association with user error, hacking, or any other kind of technological disaster.

How to Select the Best Computer Backup Service

Backup service is also known as cloud backup service. There are some things to consider before shopping for the best cloud backup service for your computer, below are some of the things to consider:

  • Unique Features is an important fact to consider before going for cloud backup service.
  • You also need to consider the ease of use and installation. Don’t go for something that will give you hard time in stalling and usage.
  • You need to consider the upload speed because while your initial backup happens only once, the backup can take days or weeks if it is several hundred GBs.
  • Choose a cloud backup service that meets your needs, a flexible backup that is full image to file-level.
  • Affordability is another thing to consider. BaaS can be less expensive than the cost of tape  drives, servers, or other hardware.

You can also consider the quick recovery or universal retore of the cloud backup service.

How Does Backup Service Work?

They work very fast and protect your system from virus. The first step is to purchase and sign up for the service.

Follow by choosing the services you want to backup. To backup Microsoft office, choose exchange online or SharePoint online, or OneDrive for business.

You can make those selections only once. After the initial setup, changes to data you have selected, as well as new data added to the services you have choose are backed up automatically. And also, most online backup services, almost instantly.

The best Computer cloud backup service you can get today

Backup service are very easy to manage than other offsite services. Below are some of the best computer backup services so far:

Best Value in cloud backup services – Backblaze


  • It is cheap, fast, easy, and simple.
  • It is unlimited storage
  • Generous derive-shipping policy

This backup service (Backblaze) is one of the most affordable cloud-backup solutions, gigabyte for gigabyte, and it is despite a recent price hike. It also one of the easiest to use backup service, you can literally just set Backblaze and forget it.

It features generous retore by email and its rapid upload speeds. It even lets you locate a lost or stolen computer by geolocating the WIFI network it connects to.


Best Backup Service for SMBS – CrashPlan for small business  


  • It has unlimited storage
  • Mobile device backup
  • Fats upload & download speeds
  • It has lots of security and scheduling options
  • Support for Red Hat

The CrashPlan has bee the best cloud service backup for consumers until it leaves the market in 2017. The plan for small business recalls that service’s very fast upload and download speeds, and adds business-friendly features that includes support for red hat and ubuntu Linux and unlimited retention of old versions of files.

The service supports full-drive image backups to local drives and backup Linux/macOS-formatted network derives. As long you are willing to pay $10 per month per computer, you will be enjoying unlimited backup space for unlimited devices.

CrashPlan for Small Business also consumes a fair amount of system resources during backups, but you can adjust the application settings to reduce that.


Best Secure Cloud Backup Service – SpiderOak One


  • Its backup unlimited devices
  • It features storage sharing and syncing
  • Focus on the security aspect
  • It helps to recover lost files

The cloud backup service (SpiderOak) is one of the first online storage or online-syncing service to make sue the customer held a private, exclusive encryption key.

SpiderOak has strong file-sharing and -syncing features, as well as support for unlimited machines and, if you insist, backups of system files and application.

This backup service storage-space pricing is so high that it’s more competitive with Dropbox than it is with IDrive. The file restoration speed is amazingly fast, its initial upload speed was glacial.


Best computer backup service for Power users – Acronis Cyber


  • Very extensive, powerful, unique feature set
  • Extremely small system-performance impact
  • Modern, intuitive user interface

The Acronis was a true image, but recently rebranded as Aaronic Cyber protect home and office. It is one of the most powerful and versatile online-backup solution available, with a terrific desktop application and an insane number of backup and security options.

This backup service offers a mobile device, external drive and social medial backups, as well as syncing and sharing options. It helps to save an image of your primary hard drive applications, OS, and all to the cloud.

Additionally, this service has antivirus software, ransomware protection, a vulnerability scanner and a bootable file-restoration tool.


Best computer backup service – Drive Personal


  • Free disk-shipping data-transfer option
  • Fast upload speeds
  • Backs up mobile devices
  • Generous syncing option

The IDrive backup service offers most bang for the buck, backing up an unlimited number of machines to either a 5TB or a 10TB limit which should be enough for most people.

The backup service upload speeds very fast, it is mobile apps actually back up the devices they run on and recognize faces in photos for easy tagging.

It also offers a generous file-syncing option and it even lets you mail in a full drive instead of speed of spending days uploading data. IDrive also help to keep old copies of each file forever, that is handy, but you will have to mind those storage caps.



What is the best way to back up a computer?

There are three ways recommend for backing up a computer, first is one off-site, second local on different devices, and third is copies of your data. For some users, this means the original data on your computer, a backup on an external hard, and another on a cloud backup service.

Is windows 10 backup any good?

Those with window 10 include premium, professional, enterprise, and ultimate versions of window 7, their backup and restore is a relatively good backup option for users wanting to backup Windows to a local or external hard drive.

What is the most effective backup solution?

Among the backup service, Backblaze is one of the most affordable backup software that supports both windows and mac, and it also the easiest to use of the group.

Is IDrive better than carbonite?

The IDrive supports an unlimited number of devices and it offers file syncing, while Carbonite doesn’t have any support for mobile devices and cannot sync files.




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