Jetstream Africa Launches AI Platform for African Businesses

Jetstream Africa launches an AI platform for African businesses dubbed Jetvision. That said, local banks will make use of to help offer trade finance products to creditworthy businesses, the trade finance product will however be available regionally, starting with West Africa.

Jetstream Africa Launches AI Platform

Jetstream reportedly introduced Jetvision just before it launched the new launch is coming as the firm claims a year of increased shipment tracking as well as management with Jetvision 1.0.

Jetstream Africa Launches AI Platform

Founded in 2018 by Miishe Addy (CEO) and Solomon Torgbor (COO), Jetstream Africa commenced its operations in Ghana in 2019, focusing on providing a Less Than Container Load (LCL) aggregation service. The company’s mission is to assist African enterprises in effectively managing and optimizing their cross-border supply chains.

Reports indicate that the logistics startup facilitated the logistics and financing of over 700 containers in 2023 alone, with ambitious plans to extend its services to Africa’s top 13 trading markets within the next two years.

What You Need To Know About the AI Platform

Previously known as Jetvision, an internal tool, it significantly increased monthly shipment volumes per customer by 44%. Jetstream’s latest platform,, is now accessible to freight forwarders across the continent.

Solomon Torgbor highlighted that before the implementation of Jetvision, operations heavily relied on manual processes such as spreadsheets, emails, and WhatsApp chats. However, with the introduction of Jetvision, it quickly became the preferred tool for the ground operations team, offering seamless shipment tracking and management. leverages AI-powered process automation, document management, trade finance solutions, and API integrations for insurance and payments, among other functionalities.

Miishe Addy emphasized in a LinkedIn post that the AI tool is now available to Africa’s 50,000 freight forwarders and 2 million export and import businesses, aiming to propel the continent’s supply chain forward.

Integrating AI into Jetstream’s Operations

She further expressed that integrating AI into Jetstream’s operations will not only enhance logistics and financing but also empower businesses across Africa.

Prior to its official launch, Jetstream Africa successfully concluded a $3 million seed round in 2021, focusing on developing digital infrastructure tailored for Africa’s trade environment. In 2023, the company secured an additional $13 million in pre-Series A debt and equity funding, earmarked for expansion into new markets.



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