Jack Osbourne Net Worth – How Much Is Jack Osbourne Worth

Who is Jack Osbourne and what is his net worth? As of 2022 and this writing, Jack Osbourne is 35 years old and he has a net worth of approximately $15 million. His main source of wealth is being a media personality. Continue reading to learn more about Jack Osbourne and how he makes his money.

Jack Osbourne Net Worth

Jack Osbourne Net Worth

Jack Osbourne is a famous English media personality. He is the son of famous heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. The media personality rose to fame after starring on MTV’s reality show ‘The Osbournes’ with his father, mother, and sister. And ever since then he has followed a career of fitness and travel reporter. He and his father in 2016 traveled all over the globe in the history channel reality series ‘Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour.’

The net worth of Jack Osbourne as of 2022 is estimated to be roughly around $15 million.

Early Life

Jack Joseph Osbourne was born on the 8th day of November 1985 in London England. Jack’s father is the popular heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and his mother is Sharon Osbourne. He was raised in Buckinghamshire, England until he was six years old. And later the family moved to Los Angeles California.

The family however returned to Buckinghamshire when he was 11 years old the media personality was however diagnosed with dyslexia and severe ADHD. With that being said, he enrolled at the special needs park century school.


Osbourne became famous when he started making appearances in his family reality television show known as ‘The Osbournes’. The show was aired on MTV and at the time became very popular. And in the same year, the series won an Emmy award.

His increased visibility via the TV Series and fame helped him get many other projects, and this is including an appearance in the film ‘Austin Powers: Goldmember’. He then had a recurring role on season six of the ‘Dawson Creek’ show which aired from 2002 to 2003.

After his rehab release in 2003, he got his own reality show called ‘Union Jack.’ After that, He then appeared in the show known as ‘Extreme Celebrity Detox’ just before landing his very own show titled ‘Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie.’ In “Adrenaline Junkie,” jack set the goal of wanting to climb El Capitan.

Also, he has worked behind the camera in production. He made and produced a documentary that is about his father titled ‘God Bless Ozzy Osbourne’ in 2011. Osbourne has also been working on other projects and they include ‘armed and famous’, ‘saving planet earth’, ‘haunted highway’, and the travel series ‘Ozzy and jack’s World Detour.’ He also finished third in the ‘dancing with the stars’ show.

How Does Jack Osbourne Spend His Money       

The media personality has quite an impressive collection of cars in his garage. And all through his career, he has also helped out with various charities. His car collection includes a Ferrari California, an Aston Martin DBS, an Audi Q7, and a Telsa model S. and in regards to him helping with different organizations, some of these include Elton John AIDS Foundation, Race to Erase MS, MusiCares, and Police memorial Foundation.


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