Best Double Majors for Business – Benefits of Double Majoring for Business

What are the best double majors for business? How can they help you stand out in the business world? To know more about the best double majors for business read on.

Best Double Majors for Business

When you are with the right and best double major for a business organization, it helps you stand out in the business world with particular knowledge of topics like economics, marketing, and accounting.

A double major help to widen your knowledge and gives you extra skills employers value while a business degree offers a comprehensive business foundation.

Best Double Majors for Business             

When you hear of double majors, what comes to your mind. A double major is a degree in which a student has earned enough credits for majors in two different disciplines.

It may not extend your time in college if program requirements overlap significantly. Double-majoring in an aspect of business-like accounting, finance, or management often means many core classes count toward both degrees.

A double major can vary from a double degree program, which confers two separate diplomas and may require more credit hours. In this article, you will be seeing the best double majors for business.

Benefits of Double Majoring for Business

The following are the benefits of a double major for business so far:

A double major ahead of a business career enables you to specialize sooner than a single major.

Employers value candidates with multiple proficiency as they can better address technical ad complex challenges.

Sometimes, a double major helps you conceive of innovations or product solutions only possible because of how you blend insights from various subjects.

It encourages you to consider different problem-solving approaches and to use multiple skill sets in your work.

The Best Double Majors for Business

Before pursuing a double major, Hersch cautions undergraduates to consider whether they need to.

The best double majors for business management build valuable skills and may open lucrative career opportunities.  The following are some of the business double majors for business so far:

Administration and Accounting

This is one of the best double majoring in business. Majoring in accounting come along with business administration which put you in an excellent position to become a Certified Public Accountant or help an organization manage its finances.

Regardless of your job title, education in accounting makes you a more competent business leader and administrator.


This is another best double majoring in business. The marketing degree trains you to brand, advertise, and sell goods and services. As a double major for business, marketing increases your sympathy for global marketing methods, strategy, and research. It also builds data analysis skills.

Marketing needs technological savvy, analytical skills, and embracing change. It focuses on promotion and advertising, which may not match your personal goals.

International Business Management and Political science

International and domestic politics both directly affect how businesses can operate, what they can sell, and to whom they can sell it. The double major enables you to help companies make intelligent and ethical decisions when conducting business abroad.

However, political science pairs well with international business management because it offers additional insight into the global business environment.

Public relations

Public relations degree highlights message skills together with research and strategic planning acumen. A double major in public relations prepares you to write and speak appropriately, responsibly, and effectively.

In this degree, you can also learn about crisis communication, customer relations, and negotiation, they are all useful to business environments.


Double majoring in psychology and marketing enables you to make more accurate predictions about consumer behavior and to be more inventive in developing marketing campaigns.

The analytical and research-based skills learned as a psychology major can also enhance how you study consumers and interpret market data.

Economics and Statistics

Economics and statistics prepare you for analytical, numbers-driven jobs in the business.  Economic research involves statistical analysis, making this double major highly focused and practical.

n economics major pairs well with a business degree because many foundational courses overlap. Double-majoring in business and economics leads to a deeper understanding of resource allocation, wealth, and economic systems worldwide.

Computer Science

As a business administration and computer science double major, you have the skills to help companies grow while ensuring their computer systems are safe, reliable, and efficient.

Computer science is one of the most in-demand majors colleges offer. Employers of all kinds require help with programming, managing databases, and cyber security.

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