International Children’s Peace Prize 2024 (€100,000 Project Fund) – APPLY NOW

The International Children’s Peace Prize is given each year to a courageous child who actively advocates for children’s rights. Every recipient has demonstrated an extraordinary dedication to addressing the various challenges that millions of children encounter globally.

International Children’s Peace Prize 2024
International Children’s Peace Prize 2024

International Children’s Peace Prize 2024 

The primary objective of this award is to offer a platform for children to express their ideas and contribute personally to the advancement of children’s rights. KidsRights firmly believes in honoring, rewarding, and inspiring children who tirelessly strive to better their circumstances, as well as those of children in their community and beyond.


  • The recipient of the award will be presented with the ‘Nkosi’ statuette, a representation of how a child can make an impact on the world. This figure, created by Inge Ikink, is named after our inaugural winner, Nkosi Johnson.
  • The winner will be granted a financial award to support their education and well-being, as well as a global platform through which they can promote their ideas and campaigns aimed at advancing children’s rights.
  • KidsRights will also contribute a project fund of €100,000 towards initiatives that are closely linked to the winner’s area of focus.

Eligibility criteria

  • A child between the ages of 12 and 17 (not exceeding 17 years old at the time of nomination deadline).
  • Open to children from any country worldwide.
  • The child should have a notable track record of advocating for their rights and those of other children. The child’s efforts must led to tangible outcomes, achieved through their proactive approach.
  • The child should be willing and able to travel internationally and feel comfortable engaging with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • The child must give consent to be nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize.
  • In cases where a group of children is nominated, every individual within the group must have played a demonstrable and collaborative role in initiating activities that made a significant difference in promoting child rights and improving the welfare of vulnerable children globally. Nominations for organizations as a whole will not be considered.

Nomination process

Individuals and organizations have the opportunity to put forward a child for evaluation by the Expert Committee. To nominate a child, it is necessary to complete a nomination form which can be accessed in six different languages. The nominations must adhere to the specified criteria and requirements.

For further information please visit International Children’s Peace Prize official website.

Application Deadline

March 1, 2024.



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