IHS Cameroon Launches Tower Kiosks to Help Offer Free Internet Access

IHS Cameroon launches tower kiosks to help offer free internet access in rural areas. The kiosks which are opened in three communities such as Idenau, Santa, and Tombe will help to provide free internet access while also supporting local businesses as well as entrepreneurs.

IHS Cameroon Launches Tower Kiosks

And according to further reports, it will also serve as a digital infrastructure for e-commerce, online education, e-health, and e-governance operations. The kiosks in question will collect health-related data from the community.

IHS Cameroon Launches Tower Kiosks

The unveiling of tower kiosks in Cameroon saw the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, along with dignitaries from the two regions where the initiative was launched. The project, spearheaded by telecom infrastructure provider IHS, aims to deploy a total of ten kiosks by 2025, with five planned for each of the two regions.

These 20-foot kiosks, powered by nearby towers, are equipped with computers, printers, and charging ports, enhancing access to digital resources for local communities. IHS collaborates with both local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to advance the tower kiosk initiative and oversee its daily operations.

The Tower Kiosk Initiative

CEO of IHS Cameroon, Olufemi Arosanyin, emphasized that the tower kiosk initiative aims to foster community participation by reaching out to at least 5,000 community members. Additionally, he highlighted the potential of the initiative to improve access to online resources and enhance engagement with public life among local residents.

The Prime Minister also affirmed, “Significant progress has been made in these regions to restore public life, and we are excited to see the “Tower Kiosk by IHS Cameroon” initiative begin. This initiative comes at the right time, as we continue to work to resolve this conflict and return to peace.”

The Telecom Infrastructure Provider’s Commitment to Enhancing Educational Accessibility

The announcement regarding the opening of ICT centers at GBHS Sodiko in Bonaberi, Douala, follows the telecom infrastructure provider’s commitment to enhancing educational accessibility through mobile connectivity and digital literacy. GBHS Sodiko serves as a school for internally displaced people from conflict zones in Cameroon’s Northwest and Southwest regions, catering to over 2,000 students.

What IHS Towers Group Specializes On

As part of this initiative, IHS Cameroon constructed a new facility equipped with 30 computers, video conferencing capabilities, and internet connectivity, aiming to empower students with digital skills and resources.

IHS Towers Group specializes in managing and providing shared communication infrastructure services. The company operates across three regions, spanning 11 countries, and boasts a portfolio exceeding 30,000 towers, demonstrating its extensive presence and commitment to advancing telecommunications infrastructure across Africa.



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