A Guide to the IBM Sustainability Accelerator 2024 | Apply Now!

In partnership with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11, the IBM Sustainability Accelerator 2024 is focusing on creating resilient cities that are inclusive, safe, and sustainable.

A Guide to the IBM Sustainability Accelerator 2024
A Guide to the IBM Sustainability Accelerator 2024

IBM believes that technology can make a positive impact on society when used purposefully. This program aims to use science and technology, such as hybrid cloud and AI, to create long-lasting societal benefits.

The IBM Sustainability Accelerator has worked with fifteen different non-profit and government organizations in areas like sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and water management. In a world facing environmental challenges, programs like the IBM Sustainability Accelerator are crucial for driving innovative solutions.

The IBM Sustainability Accelerator 2024 supports organizations dedicated to sustainability goals by empowering them with green technologies and promoting social responsibility for global change.

This program offers resources, mentorship, and funding to accelerate the development and implementation of innovative solutions in various areas like renewable energy, climate change mitigation, sustainable agriculture, circular economy, water conservation, biodiversity preservation, and social equity and inclusion.

Type: Fellowship

Deadline for the IBM Sustainability Accelerator 2024

To apply for the program, please submit your application by April 30, 2024. Submitting early ensures your application receives thorough review and consideration.


Participants in the program can access various benefits, including:

  • IBM partners with organizations to create and implement technical solutions that directly help communities.
  • During the process, IBM offers access to platforms like Watsonx, IBM Cloud, IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, and Red Hat open-source technologies.
  • Additionally, technical mentorship is provided to enhance long-term capabilities.
  • Selected organizations will need to sign an IBM grant agreement to access IBM technology, services, and resources.

Eligibility for the IBM Sustainability Accelerator

The program welcomes nonprofit and government organizations worldwide. They’re invited to propose tech-driven projects that could benefit from:

  • Hybrid cloud and AI solutions
  • Sustainability software
  • Data science-driven insights
  • Expert consulting and design services

Application Process for the IBM Sustainability Accelerator

  • To apply, go to the official website: [https://www.ibm.com/impact/initiatives/ibm-sustainability-accelerator/cities].
  • Complete the application form accurately, providing all requested information and addressing each criterion.
  • IBM is accepting proposals for the Accelerator cohort until April 30, 2024. Selected projects will be announced by the end of 2024.
  • For more details, contact sustainability.accelerator@ibm.com.

Tips for Successful Application for the IBM Sustainability Accelerator 2024

Here are some tips for a successful application:

  • Understand the Program: Take the time to thoroughly understand the goals, focus areas, and expectations of the IBM Sustainability Accelerator.
  • Align Your Solution: Ensure that your sustainability solution aligns closely with the program’s objectives and focus areas.
  • Highlight Innovation: Emphasize the innovative aspects of your solution and how it stands out in addressing sustainability challenges.
  • Show Scalability: Demonstrate the scalability of your solution and its potential for significant impact on sustainability issues.
  • Focus on Team Expertise: Highlight the expertise and capabilities of your team members in driving sustainability initiatives.
  • Address Application Criteria: Provide comprehensive and accurate information in your application, addressing each aspect of the criteria outlined by the program.

In Conclusion:

The IBM Sustainability Accelerator 2024 provides businesses with a chance to lead positive change and address sustainability challenges effectively. To succeed, businesses should align with the program’s goals, show innovation and scalability, and highlight team expertise. We urge all interested parties to review the application process carefully, follow the guidelines, and submit their proposals clearly and confidently. Let’s work together to speed up sustainability efforts and build a better future for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Non-profits, social enterprises, startups, academic institutions, government agencies, and corporations dedicated to advancing sustainability goals.

What types of projects are eligible for funding?

Projects addressing various sustainability objectives are eligible.

What support does the accelerator provide?

Funding, mentorship, networking, and access to IBM’s technology and resources.



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