Hulu’s set To Redesign Its Unintuitive Interface

Hulu’s set to redesign its unintuitive interface. And after the reported redesign, the interface will now be having a sidebar such as every other major streaming platform, which is such a welcome upgrade.

Hulu’s Unintuitive Interface

Hulu’s Unintuitive Interface

Just last week, Hulu began the rollout of a redesign for its TV apps, which simply changes the way you navigate the interface. The previous version which many people still have had the search, Home, Movies, TV, My Stuff, News, and Hubs button across the top part of the screen, and right now, those very navigation buttons will be live on the left-hand side.

The top-bar design of Hulu always stood out from the bunch but in a bad way. Even people that are not into tech stuff have complained about it. The major issue with the old UI is that in general making use of a streaming service and app nowadays involves scrolling up and down through a huge list of content, realizing that you don’t want to watch any of it, and then jumping straight to another section.

How the Old Hulu UI Looks

The categories of Hulu unfortunately that are living at the top of the screen made it look like you have to scroll back through everything you would have just looked through to do that. Well, you did not really have to, at least not in the Apple TV version of the app that I am currently using as pressing the back button will immediately take me back up to the top. But if however, you did not realize that, it could be well frustrating to utilize. The redesign in question makes it easier to figure out as you just have to scroll to the left or simply press the back button and then the menu pops up.

Hulu with the New UI Design

It is true that this redesign does make the Hulu app look more like almost every other type of streaming app out there such as HBO Max, Netflix, YouTube, and even Disney Plus, which as you should know is owned by the same company as Hulu and all of them mentioned utilizes a sidebar design. But sometimes it is, however, good to have conventions as with the redesign, you won’t have to think about how to navigate when you can simply switch from another streaming app to Hulu.

When Will the New Interface Roll Out?

And according to a splash screen alerting users to the upcoming new change, the new interface will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks. As per reports from TechCrunch, it will be coming to smart TV interfaces such as Android TV, LG smart TVs, Samsung smart TVs, and Vizio SmartCast TVs, as well as other streaming boxes such as Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.



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