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Facebook is always coming with something new that always wow its users. They are so dedicated to making the platform comfortable as they release updates regularly. Almost every month, there are updates readily available for its platform so as to become cleaner and fresher. In regard to the November 2020 Facebook updates, a few changes were made.

November 2020 Facebook Updates

In the November 2020 Facebook updates, a few but classic features were being integrated into the platform. With these updates in November, I’m sure it is worth celebrating. Though, announcements were made in the previous year about incoming updates as well as the redesign of Facebook later on. Most of what they said has begun to roll out. Without wasting much time, let’s dive into these updates:

The New November 2020 Facebook Updates

Are you one of those asking what the new Facebook updates are? If yes, then you are in the right place. The new November 2020 facebook updates are being rolled out with a little change in interfaces and some Interesting features by it, easing navigation.

Due to previous changes in the year, the format of Facebook taken a rapid change. You are expecting an improved version of the former self as so many cases were being solved and other features added to make sweeten the experience. Well, let’s highlight those updates rolled out

Redesign in Facebook gaming

Big changes were made to these features and this must be a big celebration to the gamers. The management has announced launches of newly cloud streamed games which are made available for Androids and browsers without the requirement of downloading any sort of files. It is clear to know that these games can be played directly without the requirement of unique hardware. Player names can also be created as well as avatars portray yourself visually.

Upgraded Facebook Messenger

This what you’ve all been waiting for. Though at first, it sounded like a rumor but now is no longer as it has been brought to reality. You must have heard of the ‘Watch Together’ feature where one can stream content while in a video chat. It kind of seems so impossible but was proven wrong and here it is today. Not only that, in this Facebook messenger update 2020, you can now chat themes as well as make changes to your conversation color. Sincerely, I don’t think anything would replace Facebook.

Updated Community Standard Report

As there has been so much report on abuse, hate speech, and lots more. Facebook, in their interests and commitment, they have put in their best in dealing with these problems. With these newly updated standard reports from the facebook November updates, they’ve shown their transparency in combating such problems.

They’ve released a report of their progress in combating these problems along with metrics included in their quarterly report containing some valuable information. Due to their dedication to be honest about the processes involved, they also dropped a transparency report filled with relevant information about their data security and how they work with the government.

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