How to Stream on Twitch 

Streaming on Twitch is a super popular way for people to connect, share their interests, and even make a career in gaming, entertainment, or the arts. If you’re interested in learning how to start streaming on Twitch, this guide will take you through the basics to help you begin your streaming journey.

How to Stream on Twitch 
How to Stream on Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming website that’s mostly about gaming, but it’s grown to include other stuff like chatting, music, and art. It lets you show yourself live to people all over the world, talk to them in real-time, and maybe even make some money through subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships.

In this guide, we’ll go through the key steps to start your Twitch streaming adventure

How to Stream on Twitch 

Before you start streaming on Twitch, make sure you have a Twitch account. If you don’t, you can sign up on their website.

For smooth streaming, a strong internet connection is important. You might consider Verizon Fios, known for its low latency and fast upload speeds.

Windows, macOS, and Linux

We’ll use a free and user-friendly tool called OBS Studio to stream on Twitch.

Part 1: Connect OBS Studio to Twitch

  1. Open OBS Studio.
  2. Click on “Settings” at the bottom right (or go to “File” > “Settings”).
  3. Choose “Stream” on the left.
  4. Select “Twitch” as your service (if not already).
  5. Click “Connect Account.”
  6. Enter your Twitch login details.
  7. Click “Apply.”

Part 2: Configure OBS Studio

  1. In OBS Studio, go to “Settings” again.
  2. Select “Video” on the left.
  3. Set your Base and Output resolutions, then click “Apply.”

Pro Tip: What you see (Base) and what viewers see (Output) are different.

  1. Select “Output” on the left.
  2. Under “Streaming,” choose a Video Bitrate (use our guide).
  3. Pick an encoder: NVENC, QSV, or x264.

Part 3: Create Your Scene

  1. At the bottom left under “Scenes,” click the Plus icon.
  2. Name your scene and click OK.
  3. Under “Sources,” click the Plus icon.
  4. Choose “Game Capture.”
  5. Name it and set options. Click OK.
  6. Under “Sources,” click the Plus icon again.
  7. Choose “Video Capture Device.”
  8. Name your webcam and configure it. Click OK.

Part 4: Add Twitch Chat

  1. Log in to Twitch in a web browser.
  2. Go to your profile and select “Channel.”
  3. Choose “Chat.”
  4. Click the Cog icon in the bottom right.
  5. Select “Popout Chat.”
  6. Copy the URL.
  7. In OBS Studio, click “View.”
  8. Choose “Docks” and then “Custom Browser Docks.”
  9. Enter a name, paste the URL, and click Apply.

Part 5: Start Your Stream

  1. Begin your game.
  2. In OBS Studio, click “Start Streaming.”
  3. To end your stream, click “Stop Streaming” and close your game.

Xbox One and newer 

To start broadcasting your gameplay on Xbox using Twitch, follow these simple steps:

Part 1: Prepare Your Console

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller and select “Settings.”
  2. Choose “Account.”
  3. Select “Privacy & Online Safety.”
  4. Pick “Xbox Privacy.”
  5. Click “View Details & Customize.”
  6. Select “Game Content.”
  7. Make sure that “Broadcast Gameplay” is set to “Allow.”
  8. Ensure “You can share content made using a connected camera” is also set to “Allow.”
  9. Press the B button to go back and choose “Online Status & History.”
  10. Confirm that “Others can see if you’re online” is set to “Everybody.”

Part 2: Setting Up Twitch

  1. Install the Twitch app from the Microsoft Store on your Xbox.
  2. Log in to your Twitch account.
  3. On a computer, go to and enter the six-digit code displayed on your screen.
  4. In the Twitch app, select the “Broadcast” tab.
  5. Choose your video settings.
  6. Set a title for your broadcast.
  7. Add your camera and microphone.

Part 3: Starting and Stopping Your Broadcast

  1. In the Twitch app, click “Start Streaming.”
  2. Launch the game you want to broadcast by pressing the Xbox button.
  3. To end your broadcast, press the Xbox button again, reopen Twitch, and select “Stop Streaming.”

PlayStation 4 and newer 

Sony’s method for streaming on Twitch is straightforward, and you don’t need an app. Follow these easy steps to get started:

Part 1: Prepare Your Console

  1. Select the “Settings” icon.
  2. Scroll down and choose “System.”
  3. Clear the box next to “Enable HDCP.”
  4. Go back to the main Settings screen and pick “Account Management.”
  5. Select “Link with Other Services.”
  6. Choose “Twitch.”
  7. On a computer, go to and enter the six-digit code shown on the screen.

Part 2: Begin Your Broadcast

  1. Start the game you want to broadcast.
  2. Press the “Share” button on your controller.
  3. Select “Broadcast Gameplay.”
  4. A panel will appear on your screen with various settings. Check the boxes for the following options:
  • Include video from PlayStation Camera in Broadcast
  • Include Microphone Audio in Broadcast
  • Display Message to Spectators and Spectators’ Comments
  1. Enter a title for your broadcast.
  2. Choose the output quality.
  3. Click “Start Broadcasting” to begin.
  4. To end the session, press “Share,” select “Broadcast Settings,” and then pick “Stop Broadcasting.”

Android 11 and newer 

Assuming you’ve already got the Twitch app installed and are logged in, here’s how to begin your first stream:

Part 1: Initial Setup

  1. Open the Twitch app and tap the Camera icon in the top right corner.
  2. Tap “Stream Games” on the next screen.
  3. Tap “Enable Microphone” to allow Twitch access to your microphone.
  4. Tap “Enable Overlays” and then choose “Open Settings.”
  5. Find “Twitch” in the list and toggle on “Allow Display Over Other Apps.”
  6. Tap the back arrow at the top to return to Twitch.

Part 2: Stream Details

  1. Select a category and tap “Next.”
  2. Enter a title for your stream, add tags, select your stream language, and customize the “go live” notification if needed.

Part 3: Starting and Stopping Your Stream

  1. Tap “Launch Game.” Your game should load with the Twitch stream manager overlay.
  2. Tap “Livestream” to begin and tap “X” to minimize the stream manager.
  3. To end your broadcast, tap “Livestream” and then choose “End Stream.”

IOS 14+ and iPadOS 14+

  1. Open the Twitch app and click the camera icon in the top right.
  2. Select “Stream Games.”
  3. Choose a category and click “Next.”
  4. If you don’t see your game, type its name in the search bar and select it.
  5. Give permission to use your microphone (if asked).
  6. Enter a title for your stream and adjust microphone and game volume.
  7. Tap the purple Record button to start your broadcast.
  8. Switch to the game you want to show.
  9. Return to the Twitch app to stop the broadcast.

Tips for Gaining a Twitch Audience

To attract a wide audience:

  1. Be Entertaining: Have fun and engage with your viewers like they’re your gaming buddies. Avoid being offensive and focus on entertaining those who appreciate your effort.
  2. Stick to a Schedule: Consistency is key. Just like your favourite TV shows air at specific times, maintain a regular streaming schedule so your audience knows when to expect you.
  3. Choose Games Wisely: Some streamers succeed by playing whatever they enjoy and being entertaining, like Ohmwrecker. For example, PewDiePie gained many viewers playing Flappy Bird.

However, if you aim for a big audience in a specific gaming category, pick games that match that genre; streaming Stardew Valley won’t attract Fortnite fans.


What is Twitch?

Twitch is a popular livestreaming platform that was launched in June 2011. It is currently owned by Amazon. On average, Twitch has 2.78 million concurrent viewers, 105,000 concurrent channels, and 8.46 million monthly broadcasters. In 2021, viewers watched a staggering 1,460 billion minutes of content on Twitch.

With Twitch, you can:

  1. Livestream anything legal, even if it’s not related to gaming (although the primary audience is gamers).
  2. Interact with your viewers in real-time.
  3. Upload recorded videos.
  4. Earn money through the Twitch Partner Program.

How is Twitch different from YouTube?

Twitch primarily focuses on livestreaming and caters to a gaming audience. YouTube, on the other hand, is more of a content platform where you can watch pre-recorded videos on various topics such as music, how-to guides, and more.

While YouTube does offer a livestreaming service called YouTube Live, it is not as popular among streamers as Twitch.

How much does Twitch cost?

Twitch is free for both broadcasters and viewers. The company generates revenue through advertisements. However, there is a subscription plan called Twitch Turbo, which costs $8.99 per month.

With Twitch Turbo, you get benefits like extended storage for past broadcasts, an ad-free viewing experience, an expanded set of emotes, and more.

Is Twitch safe for kids?

Twitch is not considered safe for children. While children under the age of 13 are not allowed to have a Twitch account, they can still access and watch content on the platform for free.

This means they may encounter broadcasts containing violence and mature content. Twitch has made efforts to address inappropriate conduct since 2018, but there is still a potential risk.

The platform’s Privacy Notice explicitly states that children under 13 should not use or access Twitch services in any way. Parents who discover that their child has a Twitch account can request its termination by emailing

Which games can I stream on Twitch?

You can livestream gameplay from virtually any game, except for those that fall into specific categories:

  1. Games with an “Adults Only” ESRB rating.
  2. Games that violate Twitch’s Community Guidelines.

Twitch maintains a list of more than 30 games that are prohibited from being broadcast, so it’s a good idea to check if the game you want to stream is on that list before starting your stream.



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