After The Breach in Twitch, Here Are a Couple of Things to Do Right Now to Keep Your Account Safe

After the breach in twitch, here are a couple of things to do right now to keep your account safe. After the company confirmed on Wednesday that the platform was indeed hacked and 125GB of data leaked, what do you do if you are an account holder on the platform?

After The Breach in Twitch, Here Are a Couple of Things to Do Right Now to Keep Your Account Safe

After The Breach in Twitch, Here Are a Couple of Things to Do Right Now to Keep Your Account Safe

The breach was a massive one and if you have been following the news surrounding it, you should know this already. The breach on the platform exposed data including payouts for creators, source code, and also details on just how much streamers on the platform have made over the past couple of years.

The company in a statement had claimed that they believe credit card numbers and or login details were exposed in the breach. But however, the company has reset streaming keys that streamers on the platform will need to make use of when they start their next stream. All of this is coming even after the hackers have confirmed that they still have more data to release.

What to Do As a Twitch Streamer

With everything going on with twitch now, many users are still waiting to see how events unravel in the coming days or weeks. And instead of waiting to learn what happens after the leak to learn if your login credentials have been compromised, you can do other things on your own end to keep your account safe or minimize the risk of any damage done to your account.

In a bit, we will be guiding you through a few things you can actually do to keep your account safe including changing your password on the platform and also enabling two-factor authentication. Also, the steps needed for you to take to help protect your identity and also prevent fraud will be shared.

How to Change Your Twitch Password Successfully

To change your twitch password successfully, follow the steps below;

  • First, go to twitch using the app or via the web.
  • Go to your account settings.
  • Go to security and privacy and select the password option.
  • Under the change password section, enter your current login password and enter a new one and then confirm it.

You will however need to create a strong password. If it is weak, you will be warned and prompted to strengthen it. After changing your password, the platform also will void your stream key and also stop every access from third-party services used on twitch. However, if you used your twitch password on any other service, you may want to change them too.

How to Set Up Two Factor Authentication on Twitch

To set up two-factor authentication:

  • Go to your account security section.
  • Under the two-factor authentication section, tap the enable 2FA button or tab.
  • Next, enter your phone number. You will be sent a text message with a seven-digit security code to your number from twitch.
  • Immediately, enter the seven-digit code and you should be set up immediately.

On a web browser, you may need to undertake a few more steps though. After set up, you will continue to receive twitch verification codes as text messages on that number or you can choose to set up an authentication app on your phone to authenticate.


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