How to make Facebook Story Music Longer

Are you interested in How to make Facebook Story Music Longer? Facebook is no longer just a social media platform it has grown so much it called itself Metaverse. This is because they have so many other platforms that operate just like Facebook and are equally successful.

How to make Facebook Story Music Longer

Another reason is that Facebook is simply no longer just social media and there are so many other things you can do instead of socializing. One of the most recent Facebook features is the Facebook story and now you can simply add music to it.

This article will take a look at how to make your Facebook story music last much longer. We are going to be considering if it is possible to make your Facebook story music longer or not. So fast in your seatbelt as you are going to find that out in this article today.

Facebook Story Music

Just like your Instagram story WhatsApp story and so many other kinds of stories on other different platforms, it is a feature that lets you upload videos or photos for others to see on Facebook. These videos or photos can simply Be of yourself or any other thing you like for others to see. This is what is called the Facebook story. But Facebook has released a new feature whereby you can add music to your story.

You can simply add music to your image or video if they do not have an audio of their own with the Facebook music story feature. So many Facebook users have been making use of this feature for a long time and are happy doing so. It is one of the most used features, especially for girls as their love of dating shows people what they are doing.

Facebook story music is in a form that is either a story without an image that has music playing on it or his story with a video or an image that has music playing. You can create any of the following types of Facebook story music on your Facebook application. Finally, note that you can only use the Facebook application to create a Facebook music story.

What is the length of a Facebook Music Story?

The Facebook music storyline is the same as that of the WhatsApp story which is simply 30 seconds and not enough to properly convey a message. It is one of the reasons why most people are looking for a way to make their Facebook stories longer. All stories are simply 30 seconds at best to keep things short and to keep your story exciting.

Because the Facebook story feature is so popular among Facebook users they are always looking for ways to increase they are the time limit on Facebook music. If this sounds like you you are not alone in that is why you probably are reading this article right now.

Can I Increase the Length of my Facebook Music Story

Have you ever faced the limit of having to reduce the videos you are trying to post to your Facebook music story to 30 seconds? This is simply purposely done by Facebook in order to produce the workload on their service and also to keep things brief and interesting. One of the major reasons why popular applications like TikTok exist is that they keep this brief. All videos on TiK ToK and usually below a minute which is below 60 seconds.

Excess applications like TikTok and likee are so popular Facebook decided to adopt there are patterns to make their Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram stories. But to answer your question there is no possible way to increase the length of your Facebook story from 30 seconds. It is hardwired to have a maximum length of 30 seconds for all Facebook and WhatsApp stories even on Instagram. You can only increase the length from 30 seconds if you use a modded application.

How to Add Music to Your Story on Facebook

To add me to your Facebook story is very easy all you have to do is follow below procedure I have laid down for you:

  • Launch your Facebook application on your iOS or Android device.
  • Tap on create a story on your news feed.
  • Tap on the camera icon and then select music.
  • Now select a song and then adjust the slider to feature part of the song in words.
  • Start recording your video or simply upload a video or an image.
  • Select Done where you are through.
  • Finally, click on share to the story.

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